Thursday, 25 September 2008

I am BACK!

Great to be home but kinda miss my time in uk as well...

once i step down the plane... i can feel the heat! hot hot HOT... oopss. got use to UK weather!
What's new bck home?
Everything is the same... except, i got no more cats at home but extra dog...

here's a picture of the new member

Cute??? hehe...still a puppy :D
my mom named it "lulu"...of all end up being a lulu...poor girl hahaha
Old dog, giorgio armani must being deadly jealous.

Nyway, its been a great holidays for 3 weeks long. tiring but nice. Places ive been to
Liverpool (of course, there)
Birmingham (thanks lot to Hay Min)
Paris, France
Trier, Germany
Brussel, Belgium
Amsterdam, Holland
Edinburg, Scotland (the place i miss the most)

Still a bit jet lag... so off i go :D

Sunday, 14 September 2008

New Discovery in Yum Restaurant

Haven't eaten Chinese food for a long time... not that long actually. :S erm what i mean is i haven't eaten out for a long time! That's probably the reason why we find it tasty...

When we pay a visit to the loo...

We discovered this! Bubble machine in pound :D

it says chewable toothbrushes

the instruction...

1 pound for two small bubble

Not suitable for children=not suitable for me :P hehe

and this is how its look like, friends said its very nice to chew on.

another discovery... alien from outer space!
hahaha nah, its a combo of spoon+fork+knife

Mr. Octopus

Group picture without Jennifer! lol :P

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Miss Sixty Changing Room

Remembrance of what we gurls did in Miss Sixty fitting room...

Can't help it, the fitting room design is very nice and unique...

one of the different miss sixty button designs on the changing room wall

artistic picture? modeling picture? hmm i dont know...haha
and here's my stunt
-stuffing myself into a small stool

ooh well, this is how small i am! hehe :D extra petite