Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cadbury Chocettes Small Doses of Happiness Championship

If you follow my twitter or plurk, you would have noticed i wasnt really happy last week due to some personal issues. At that moment, nothing can cheer me up better than chocolates...

i picked up two packs of my fav Cadbury Chocettes from Village Grocer in Bangsar Village
Dairy milk-Classic
Time out-Yummy chocolate coated wafer bites
The sticker on the pack caught my attention.
it says "Laugh & Win, RM20,000 up for grabs"
20k!!! no joke ($-$)

so i went to check out the url on the pack

Three simple ways to win attractive prizes (can be either 1)
1. Post your video and win-if you made the funniest video, you will walk home RM10k

2.Watch, vote and win-if you vote and get as many friends as possible to view your voted video, you will walk home another RM10k XD

3. Blog and Win- you could win movie tickets, note pads and chocetttes packs EVERY WEEK!!!

This contest ending 31st July!!! Its LAST CALL...
now if you can excuse me, i wanna build my chocolate heaven castle :)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Jane for A Day!

Do you remember George of the jungle (acted by Brendan Fraser)? It happened that i dressed like i just returned from the jungle that night, so my friends called me Jane!

It was Carrey's Birthday, ermm not exactly but it was an early bday celebration since its hard to gather ppl on the weekday basis. We went palate palette for the celebration.

Before palate palette, Fenix came to fetch me because i wasnt sure of the place and i asked if he can give me a lift. (haha Fenix, im not saying that you are my driver! dont get me wrong :P besides, i introduced so many chics to you! so its worth it!:P)

I wasnt really sure about the plan that night. He came to fetch me around 4pm and we are suppose to meet Ivan in Midvalley. This was the plan made between the two guys. I have no idea at all! I suggested to go pavillion becoz its nearer to where we are heading for dinner . Fenix forgotten about his plan with Ivan and drove straight to pavillion (we reached half way) then make a u-turn back to midvalley! Best thing is, he totally blame it on my outfit :S

i ordered "Oh Boi" after heineken, and it tasted like ermm lime juice from hawker stall!?!
RM23 for a glass of lime juice? No wayyyy

Ivan playfully announced that Fenix is my new bf. I swear Ashley's facial expression was totally different and there was this weird silent around the table.
This is Fenix, my "bf"
only two guys
ivan always the lucky 1 ;O)
the girls
me and kalai sharing a tall blue chair :D
me and alice; the hottest chic!

porkie, ash and alice

G.Lian and Carrey
G.Lian is Carrey's school mate, its my first time meeting her!
I love this...
New York Cheese Cake from San Terri Cottage CakeIvan decorated my piece of cake!
So sweettttt :D
Fenix was good help in taking pictures XD
ooh and he also great entertainer, he demonstrated hula hoop in front of us and 'challenged' me. Wrong person mann.. :P He got a picture of me hula hooping but i think i looked F.A.T, so im not posting it here!NEVER
That night, we just figured out we knew each other for 5 years!!!
5 years including Ivan
The ambient is very nice

few more pictures before leaving
no comment!

Weekend in Genting

I sacrificed the hottest event in town- Hennessy Artistry for Jaynee's farewell cum Chris Surprise BdayParty in Genting Highlands. We stayed in First World for a night.

This is my fav and must have ride in Genting Themepark...
i think we went two-three rounds hehe

I slept at 4am the night before so i was a zombie the next day. In fact i woke up late in the morning and i had to text Bryan to make sure he is coming nothing earlier than 9am.

We had Chilli Pan Mee for Breakfast in Kin Kin Restaurant...

and we bought birthday present for Chris
i placed it down right on the dashboard to take picture while the driver started 'yelling' at me to remove it off from his lovely dashboard:P

camwhoring in the car...kinda like this picture but bryan's head wasnt there :S
take 2?

The theme park was totally pack. It was so crowded that we spend most our time queuing up for the rides *sob sob*

another camwhoring picture to kill time

This will be my heaven- Chocolate land
the girls!
just notice we didnt have any group picture except those in the room which all of you forbid me to use in here :P

After dinner, we went straight up to the room to party :)
We got some bottled beers but we dont have bottle opener.
The guys managed to open the caps with the help of metal frame around the windows.
They make it look so easy, so here's my attempt :S

i got to put all my body weight to it haha
and yeaa... I did IT!!! XD

Friday, 24 July 2009

Stuff 5th Anniversary Party

Wednesday (22nd July) was Stuff 5th Anniversary Party and they held the party at Zouk. At the entrance, the guard are armed with tools to check your temperature before letting you in. I was also stopped by the guard for ID checking. I am gald they checked my ID, at least people still think i look young :P hehe

This is what we drank! only one for each person
its like a welcome drink!

Ive got quite a big group of company that night
but i am so underdressed because i didn't expect to be there.

the gals
if you are interested with any one of them except the one in purple, just give me a buzz to check on her status/availability ya hehe :P
caught Bryan trying to immitate my jai ho dance LOL

and this one in the picture will be "YAT's twin brother"
his name is Chee Minh

We didnt stay long and went off for food.
Chicken Wing @ Jalan Alor (corner restaurant name-W.A,W)
Love it

i left a little something in Bryan's Car- a total of 4 smiley face stickers from the event! hehe
i stuck them at the back of the front seats headrest!
hehehe i wonder if he sees them yet

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Drifting with SixthSeal

Its not exactly like the title...i was there to WATCH only!:P Yea, so what happen was he invited me to this one day drifting course he won from Rexona.

At 6something am, probably 20mins before my alarm rings, he called. I thought i overslept or something. You woke me up! We are suppose to meet @ Bangsar McD because i stay in Bangsar hehe my friend Kalai was a bit late (she suppose to fetch me) and he was early, so i believe he waited about 30 mins. Sorrrieeeeee...

We packed breakfast from McD and drove off. Ohhh and he thought i knew the way (i only knew probably 70%), so the girls had to lead hehe but that wasnt too hard!

Drifting is quite an expensive hobby, so as expected there will be rich fellers driving chun cars.
not passionate about cars and i know nothing much about cars but i like mx5 (since sometime ago).

used to like white integra type R too
Huai Bin is in the car behind me hehebut i find yellow car cooler :P
ooh oooh this is going to be another lame joke but guess what brand is my t-shirt?! i shall review it at the end of the post

When they were off for first lesson, me and kalai met this familiar looking guy with very familiar voice too.
Yea, thats him-Phat Fabes; he won the coolest announcer award in Shout Award

is really interesting to watch them drift but its also very hot and boring at times (because they will be practicing same thing over and over again), wanted to jump in one of the car for fun but i didnt ask :S so i went camwhoring awhile...

at least i get to pretend that im drifting ...wth?! :P

and whats this?
i called it 'tepi longkang flower'
dont laugh, i love it when i was younger hehe

Here's another video that Huai Bin did not share with u...
not him drifting but the trainner
he started off with one donut, then two donuts...like writing no.8!

After sunbathing for so many hours, i ended up buying him dinner because i lost the bet! gracious

*Answer: Chanel
Why?: because its Chanel no. 5 :P

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

StandOut (special edition)

Okay, the StandOut event is sooooooooooo over! But guess what? it is not over for me XP (1) The Star had feature an article about the event. (2) You can find my pork chop face in Mint Magazine this month (July) along with other big name bloggers; Shaolin Tiger, Kimberly Cun and KY. Felt really really tinny (small potato) standing besides them.

Unfortunately, the article is written in mandarin-i can't read much myself even though ive been to chinese school for 6 years :S I am not a linguistic person.

They spelled my name wrongly under the individual picture :(

Ya ya ya...like big deal right? you might be thinking "wth #!^%^*@%# you call this special edition???"

hehe what so special about this post is i finally decided to post up a silly video of me. I was too happy and whack that time so i dance to the joy of winning a PINK coach bag. Also i managed to get my brother to do this with me...we did the jai ho dance (our version) Jai Ho is quite outdated by now, especially when everyone is in MJ fever! but i picked this song is because of my costume- Gung Ho Queen...Gung Ho and Jai Ho rhymes, dont you think so?

Before you watch the video, i need you to agree to the statement below 1st...

  • I will not talk about the video in front of PinkPorkChop to avoid unnecessary embarrassment :P

Jai Ho by Gung Ho King and Queen

hope you have a good laugh...*porkie blushing*