Monday, 27 July 2009

Jane for A Day!

Do you remember George of the jungle (acted by Brendan Fraser)? It happened that i dressed like i just returned from the jungle that night, so my friends called me Jane!

It was Carrey's Birthday, ermm not exactly but it was an early bday celebration since its hard to gather ppl on the weekday basis. We went palate palette for the celebration.

Before palate palette, Fenix came to fetch me because i wasnt sure of the place and i asked if he can give me a lift. (haha Fenix, im not saying that you are my driver! dont get me wrong :P besides, i introduced so many chics to you! so its worth it!:P)

I wasnt really sure about the plan that night. He came to fetch me around 4pm and we are suppose to meet Ivan in Midvalley. This was the plan made between the two guys. I have no idea at all! I suggested to go pavillion becoz its nearer to where we are heading for dinner . Fenix forgotten about his plan with Ivan and drove straight to pavillion (we reached half way) then make a u-turn back to midvalley! Best thing is, he totally blame it on my outfit :S

i ordered "Oh Boi" after heineken, and it tasted like ermm lime juice from hawker stall!?!
RM23 for a glass of lime juice? No wayyyy

Ivan playfully announced that Fenix is my new bf. I swear Ashley's facial expression was totally different and there was this weird silent around the table.
This is Fenix, my "bf"
only two guys
ivan always the lucky 1 ;O)
the girls
me and kalai sharing a tall blue chair :D
me and alice; the hottest chic!

porkie, ash and alice

G.Lian and Carrey
G.Lian is Carrey's school mate, its my first time meeting her!
I love this...
New York Cheese Cake from San Terri Cottage CakeIvan decorated my piece of cake!
So sweettttt :D
Fenix was good help in taking pictures XD
ooh and he also great entertainer, he demonstrated hula hoop in front of us and 'challenged' me. Wrong person mann.. :P He got a picture of me hula hooping but i think i looked F.A.T, so im not posting it here!NEVER
That night, we just figured out we knew each other for 5 years!!!
5 years including Ivan
The ambient is very nice

few more pictures before leaving
no comment!

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