Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Arthur's Day

Black Eyed Peas was awesome! i am glad i got free ticket to the concert but it was only for one only tho. My boyfriend bought another ticket to keep me company *awww sweet* but did not enjoy himself as much as i do (not a good night??)...sigh..

Anyway, i wasn't aware about the dress code at the beginning but when i found out later, i realize-'damn, i am wearing exactly what the dress code says.' I was in all black when i went to work in the morning...but i went home to change to my shorts which is also black in color too hehe

Upon reaching, i saw big crowd, all dressed in black!ooh I saw Ewin, Fly Guy, SmashPop and etc, i took a picture and went off. lol .. *Rude*

The entrance

36hours.5cities.1Global Celebration
To Arthur.

"this way to the most remarkable party"
i saw someone stealing this board on the way out! hehe
i was standing at the common people area; not bronze, not silver, not vvip! :P
quite pack and far from the stage, so i could only watch them from the giant screen but it was still good.

one stupid mistake! i did not charge my camera's battery :S
this is the last video i manage to record before the my camera KO!

Fergie-big girls don't cry

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Have You Show Off Your Glamorous Expression of Beauty yet?

Well, i have (watch my video at the end of this post) and its going to be on Lux new YouTube channel. :D

Together with Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, Lux is calling on knowing women (men can take part too) from around the globe to show off their most glamourous expression of beauty.

So, are you up for challenge?

Here is how to do it:

1. Point your browser to http://www.youtube.com/LuxBehaveBeautiful and be inspired by Priyanka’s latest Lux performance

2. Film yourself enjoying and expressing your beauty

3. Submit your video to Lux and Priyanka at behave.beautiful@ogilvy.com and remember to mention in the email that knew the campaign from PinkPorkChop.

4. Celebrate as your video becomes part of the channel

Be the first 5 readers of this blog to submit your video and win this lovely Lux Beauty packs. It's very very exclusive...there are only 100 to giveaway in a GLOBAL Scale! You can't buy it anywhere

no idea how to do it?
prehaps my video might give u some inspiration. I find myself silly tho... its like a series of 'gung ho' (the jai ho dance? remember?) video!

Okay, now go and film yourself :)
Hope you are one of the FIVE to WIN the Lux Beauty Pack

Sunday, 20 September 2009


#1. Who is PinkPorkChop?
PinkPorkChop is a 23years old (DOB 28th March 1986) average looking girl.

#2. The definition of ‘Pork Chop’ or ‘猪排’?
‘Pork Chop’ in Cantonese is a metaphor for Fat Fugly Chic (FFC).

#3. So Why she called herself ‘PinkPorkChop’ or ‘猪排’?
I called myself PorkChop for two reasons...
i. I adore pigs and own a fair bit of piggy items (i.e. piggy stuffed toys).
ii. I am not pretty!

and Pink is just my preference color plus its a feminine color! What im trying to say is im not totally a Pink freak!

#4. How do I address her?
You can call me PinkPorkChop, Pink Pork, Pork Chop, Pink Porkie, Porkie or PPC. I am fine with that :)

#5. What does she look like?
hmm maybe this will be easier for you to visualise.
Height: 154/6cm
Weight: definitely underweight: P
Hair: Black, straight and slightly above shoulder length.
Eyes: simple description would be typical Asian trait- small, black pupil and hidden double eyelid which is close to single eyelid
Nose: big and flat
Face: I am not sure what is my face shape round or oval??? I can’t decide! My skin tone is fair with yellow undertone and I have freckles since primary school

#6. What is the one thing you can’t do to PinkPorkChop?
Do not try to poke me at my armpit! I have obsessive-compulsive disorder; not certified by Professional but just promise not to attempt poking my armpit or i will start whacking people! I just hate that feeling…

#7. Why do you blog?
I started blogging when I went to further my studies in Liverpool, UK. I thought it would be nice to keep my family and friends posted with my life. Besides, I want to capture those moment so that I can read them back when I am 50/60?

?So what else do you wish to know besides my real name?

Meeting the PM

I slept through the whole journey to Putrajaya for Raya Open House. Ohh well, sleep deprivation is common for me :P

Anyway, this is my first time attending the event and also my first time to putrajaya.
I find putrajaya quite a sight! i woke up when we reach putrajaya itself and took few pictures hehe

check out the sky!
So have u ever wonder what kind of peparation do you need before meeting the Prime Minister (besides sleeping) ???

the answer is...
a pair of sanitized hands!

it's not a joke!
the guards were holding bottles of dettol sanitizer.
i think they paid attention to clean hands more than anything else...
thank godness, they dont find my long nails threatening hehe :P

what's more exciting (might not be exciting to u) is our PM wearing striking PINK baju melayu :)

:) Selamat Hari Raya :)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Make Me Silky Smooth!

I flew to Medan last Thursday for a 6N/5N vacation. It (vacation) is something that i’ve been longing for. I’ve worked late –around 10 to 12 hours not counting the hours i spent working from home. I am not trying to complain because it is my work; I shouldn’t run off without clearing my work. All i am trying to express here is how much i value a simple vacation nowadays.
On Thursday (10th sep), i woke up at 7am to pack. I don’t usually pack so last minute but I think I am having a little problem with my time management haha :P
I was quite excited so i decided to ‘dressed up’ a little. I thought it would be fun to break the jeans and t-shirt norm so i wore a dress instead! :) and i also did a little make up-dont think its visible tho heehee

All Set To Go?
Nope-forgotten about my hairy leg! aiks

I am not exactly hairy hairy...but u know how the hair grows back after shaving?! dark, thick and pookie! yucks

I thought i will need to change back to jeans because i dont have time. I need to leave almost immediately (probably another 5mins to spare) so that i don't miss my flight!

depilator will takes at least 10-15mins ( this is what i normally used but it caused a lot of in-grow hairs)
Hair Removal Cream will takes up to 8-10mins
and i find it messy to use! I can never spread the cream nicely without getting my hands creamed!

I've even tried this piece of superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hairs. To me its just a piece of sandpaper! It takes about 8mins and it is PAINFUL!

then i remembered the nice pink bag containing...
Veet NEW Spray on Hair Removal Cream!

There are 3 varaints to suit different skin:
1. Lous Milk & Jasmine for Normal Skin
2. Shea Butter & lily for Dry Skin
3. Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for Sensitive Skin

I will love to thank Veet for the products :)

i picked Sheal Butter & Lily for my Dry Skin
it's easy, fast and painless!

step 1: Spray On
its hassle-free and i can keep my hands clean :)

Step2: camwhore while waiting
well, i dont have a choice. no photographer
*check out my snowy legs*

Step 3: remove the cream after 3mins (roughly after two camwhoring pictures) with the spatula then rinse with water! DONE!

i even packed it in my luggage. I wanted to set a prank on my bf's hairy legs...i am sure it’s too late by the time he wakes up because it’s fast and painless! muahahaha...*Evil*

just a thought... i did not do it! hehe :P

Now i am ready to walk with my silky smooth legs! :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Ugly Truth Screening

omg omg omg, the ugly truth is this post is quite delayed! Time flies...I hope this is not too late to thank Josh Lim for "The Ugly Truth" tickets on the 7th September! I think that was the earliest screening for this particular movie.

i must say this is a very good romantic comedy-it is freaking hilarious!
and The Best Chick Flick Ever!

I was there (Cineleisure) 830ish pm to collect my tickets and it was my first screening with advertlets. I didn't know 97% of the people there but yea...i do recognize a few familiar faces :)

Then i disappear to visit the "Library".
It's a drinking library tho :P hehe the waitress were dressed like a librarian; white top ,black A-line skirt with a black frame specs as prop!

anyway, it was a total different experience in advertlets screening.
having gifts/souvenir flying around in the hall is definately exciting :P hehe

but i didnt manage to catch any of those flying object because i was seated at the very far end corner. In fact there's only two seats on my row :)

A picture of people in hall 10 stolen from Jason's blog.

Thanks again Josh for the invitations. It was Great :)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

PinkPorkChop exported to Medan

PinkPorkChop is in Medan now...

So i heard the Indonesian is not very happy with Malaysian.
Hopefully, they will not chop me into pieces :P

Anyway, not very accessible to internet here so i gonna blog about it when im back on the 15th Sep ... ;) ciao

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous

What it takes to be Simply Fabulous? or How to be Simply Fabulous? One of the key answers to it is-being able to live your dreams!

Everyone has a dream and often, we meet a lot of challenges (What a Bummer!?!) in the process of achieving this dream we have in our head! Great news is Maybelline heard us!with Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous web series, your dream will come through.

Maybelline went out to hunt for girls aged between 18 to 30 years old to give them a chance to live up to their dream. There were 1000 over submissions but only 10 will be shortlisted. At the end of the show,only ONE will walk away RM10,000 in sponsorship + a trip to New York City + other prizes that totalling up to RM50, 000! ish, jeles jeles, i love travelling and we are talking about new york city!!! I just missed my chance to bridge in New York City with Statue of Liberty as background :S Okay forget about me...

Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous is an online reality show on 8TV website

hosted by Sarah Lian *drool*
Few (6) bloggers were invited to join their the making/behind the scenes.
And i am lucky no.1 in no particular order :P
this is how the set looks like
There will be 23 webisodes which you will be able to catch it on www.8tv.com.my/simplyfabulous
and the FINALS broadcasted on 8TV.

Each week the girls will undergo exciting challenges
i.e. makeover, talking to people/presentation skill (ooh gosh im really bad at this) and etc which will indeed unleash their confident, talent and encourage the girls to live their dream

Like i said earlier, 1000over submissions only 10 will be selected, so who made it?

1. Calista Wei Fen Leah Liew, 22

2. Nalinder Manoharan, 27

3. Kimberley Cham Siang Fen, 24
4. Ng Bei Shan, 22
5. Niksyifa Umar bt Nik Aziz, 21
6. Nurdiana Ashraf bt Abu Bakar, 25
7. Preeta Sharenia Nithianantham, 20
8. Steffanie Vanessa Schubert, 19
9. Susilawati Mohd Ariff, 24

10. Fehmes blogger Poh Huai Bin aka SixthSeal.com, 28 ...
except he forgotten to submit his application but he used Maybelline foundation once! hehe :P

This is number 10
Zhareen Anshary, 19
These girls have big dreams, i.e to become a travel host, to open an orphanage, to persue their studies and etc.I shall let them tell you their dreams themselve on 7th September 8TV website
7th will be the official date for Simply Fabulous

also, remember to stay tuned with me to win some Maybelline products in this magic box ;)