Thursday, 17 September 2009

Make Me Silky Smooth!

I flew to Medan last Thursday for a 6N/5N vacation. It (vacation) is something that i’ve been longing for. I’ve worked late –around 10 to 12 hours not counting the hours i spent working from home. I am not trying to complain because it is my work; I shouldn’t run off without clearing my work. All i am trying to express here is how much i value a simple vacation nowadays.
On Thursday (10th sep), i woke up at 7am to pack. I don’t usually pack so last minute but I think I am having a little problem with my time management haha :P
I was quite excited so i decided to ‘dressed up’ a little. I thought it would be fun to break the jeans and t-shirt norm so i wore a dress instead! :) and i also did a little make up-dont think its visible tho heehee

All Set To Go?
Nope-forgotten about my hairy leg! aiks

I am not exactly hairy hairy...but u know how the hair grows back after shaving?! dark, thick and pookie! yucks

I thought i will need to change back to jeans because i dont have time. I need to leave almost immediately (probably another 5mins to spare) so that i don't miss my flight!

depilator will takes at least 10-15mins ( this is what i normally used but it caused a lot of in-grow hairs)
Hair Removal Cream will takes up to 8-10mins
and i find it messy to use! I can never spread the cream nicely without getting my hands creamed!

I've even tried this piece of superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hairs. To me its just a piece of sandpaper! It takes about 8mins and it is PAINFUL!

then i remembered the nice pink bag containing...
Veet NEW Spray on Hair Removal Cream!

There are 3 varaints to suit different skin:
1. Lous Milk & Jasmine for Normal Skin
2. Shea Butter & lily for Dry Skin
3. Aloe Vera & Vitamin E for Sensitive Skin

I will love to thank Veet for the products :)

i picked Sheal Butter & Lily for my Dry Skin
it's easy, fast and painless!

step 1: Spray On
its hassle-free and i can keep my hands clean :)

Step2: camwhore while waiting
well, i dont have a choice. no photographer
*check out my snowy legs*

Step 3: remove the cream after 3mins (roughly after two camwhoring pictures) with the spatula then rinse with water! DONE!

i even packed it in my luggage. I wanted to set a prank on my bf's hairy legs...i am sure it’s too late by the time he wakes up because it’s fast and painless! muahahaha...*Evil*

just a thought... i did not do it! hehe :P

Now i am ready to walk with my silky smooth legs! :)


nat said...

The only pink i see is your shoes

Sherry said...

I used veet first time when its out. Not really nice ;( I use other cream for shave leg

Simon Seow said...

I remember I mistakenly bought a shaver meant for women once. lol

Pork Chop said...

nat: hehe that is my new pink shoes!

Sherry: try the spray, i think its great!

Simon: hahaha so u use it still?

Huai Bin said...

Jackass had this episode where someone used Nair on their head to remove all the hair. I'll do it with Veet!

...but I need someone to dare me first. :S

Pork Chop said...

huai Bin: i just need to say "I dare u" and provide u a can of Veet right? :P

TOLANIC said...

Is it something like Veet?

Pork Chop said...

It's Veet new product. :) spray on hair removal

Anonymous said...

does it really work coz last time when veet first out, it wasn't that good. =(

Pork Chop said...

alLets'Lexy: im not sure about the first veet product ( i never like cream anyway) but i personally felt spray is much easier to use and it works fine for me :) just make sure u spray it in the bathroom. :)

HitoMi^^ said...

wooo...advertorial oh...Nice!! nice luggage for all the skincare man!! oh, how frequent do you shave??

Nlndr said...

F21 dress? :D me likey!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Hei.....Your dress very cute..mind to share where you get it?

Hehehehe! Im dying to look for such cutie matching!