Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year Eve Review

Before i left the house to "party" i posted a post on five events available. I thought the curve event with the masquerade theme was cool but i rejected my friend invitation *totally regret it now*. I turned down the invitation mainly because i dont wish to drive all the way there alone and driving back myself in the middle of the night. And then the traffic! i hate traffic jam because i cant sit long in the ive decided i just want a simple celebration. I just want to watch fireworks display...isn't that simple enough?

Fireworks display... surely it will be better if can watch from a nice top view. So we (me and my bf) decided to go ampang look out point which is a sooooooo wrong decision! Left the house at around 9.30pm because he had a family dinner to attend. I was all excited about fireworks that i get myself all "dressed up" and i did this...

please note: I rarely do this but when i do it i will do it like a pro! LOL :P

I was super hyper in the car because was sooo sooo bloody excited about watching fireworks, like i havent see one before! And the radio play the song i wanted right after i asked "why they dint play"...everything seem so smooth until we reach the road up the to ampang look out point. So many cars....illegal parking all the way up! sighhzzz.... by the time we reach to the top, there isnt any parking left. I thought we should join the illegal parking, to my surprise, there were cops issuing parking fines. I wanted to watch fireworks from that nice top view so badly that i have crazy thought in my mind: "park and pay the damn parking ticket later" lol :P

The chances are so slim to even stop and getting so down that i turned off the car radio because i can't stand the happening "countdown" reporting while i stuck in the jam. :( I was so drama that i tears over "not watching fireworks". Stupid? Silly? Emo? I know, but i still felt its significant to me. A nice ending of 2008 is equivalent to a good start of 2009.

Oh well, this is what i managed to see...
the bloody walls and buildings were blocking my view!

So i missed the fireworks... i sat in the car for 2 hours plus....what worst is im having a backache, shoulderache and neckache!sob sob :(

The best part of the night was the glass of red wine i drank before leaving the house to "party" and my happy pills.

Yummylicious happy pills XD

Sighzz....i hope this year will be a good year for me after stumbling over a bad new year eve.

Ouch Ouch... my back hurts, thats all for now!

Happy New Year...

Events to RocK the Last Day of 2008!

Time passes so fast that it creep me out a little. Some how i felt terrify stepping into 2009 a brand new year. But im excited to join the new year eve celebration. I know... How ironic!?!

This post is kinda special to me because its the first time me wishing my family and friends
in my blog! WOooohoooo XD

Besides that, i am glad to have extra groups *Lonely no more!* colleagues, kscb members and nuffnangers to wish them "Happy 2009!"

Okay, back to the title. If you haven't got any plan, you might one to consider one of the following events to rock your new year eve :D

1. Be A MalaysianHead down to Dataran Merderka and join the yearly new year eve celebration! This year artists i.e. Mawi, Suki?, M.Nasir and etc will be performing. Of course, fireworks display will start when the clock strikes 0000.
2. One Utama 2009 New Year Countdown Carnival
Join the 2009 New Year Countdown Carnival at 1 Utama, Central park from 6.30pm onwards.

Participating artistes:
- Casey
- Christy
- Gary
- Justin
- Azizi
- Suki?
- Kay
- Wayne

Activities include:
- Spectacular International Musical Fireworks Presentation
- Samba Dancers
- Fire Eaters
- Capoeira
- Percussionists
- Masquerade Artists

Admission is FREE. Get your Yellow Pass to party at the Yellow Zone from their Countdown Carnival's partners.

*click to see poster

the Curve’s Masquerade New Year Celebration 2009

I got a damn cool masquerade mask
*bro got it from Venice :D

dont you think its pretty?

Bringing new cheer to the New Year! Adding to the excitement are performances by these popular artistes – Juwita Suwito, Rynn Lim, Liang, Karen Kong, Altered Frequency, Faizal Tahir!

*click to see poster

4.Sungei Wang Street Party Countdown 2009

Starting 7pm at Jalan Sultan Ismail, in front of Sungei Wang Plaza with colourful cultural shows, fun stage activities, exhilarating concert and exciting fireworks display at the stroke of 12 midnight.

Edmond Leong will be specially flown in from Hong Kong together with Golf and Mike from Thailand while Malaysia’s Chinese heartthrobs like Nicholas Teo, Danell Lee, Yise Loo, Tate Chan, Wan Qian, Will Ng, Manhand, Hao Ren and Ming will belt out their hits songs to entertain the crowd.

*click to see poster

5. SohoKL
Join the Nu Year's Eve Countdown where you can party all night! The only place to be! Come on down and join in the Nu Years's Eve Countdown. There's over RM80,000 worth of prizes to be given away all night including over 40 brand new mobile phones, food vouchers and drinks promos!

Start damn early, end damn early also... its 3pm to 3am

*click to see poster

I hope this will benefit ppl who are still at home like me! lol
got to run...HAve Fun and a HAppy NEw YEar from pink porkie! :D

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Toilet Nightmare!

Since Christmas eve, i cant pupu/shit/do my business at home...its not constipation but upgrading the toilet!

my super old traditional squatting toilet at home! hehe
at least its hygienic.
Because of the renovation, i can't use the toilet until...god knows when, i'm begging it to be ASAP! Its so inconvenient. On Christmas Day itself, me and my brother went back to office to use the toilet in the morning! :S my family members are dependent on neighbour's toilet...

*touch wood* what if i am so unlucky that food poisoning/ diarrhea strikes me??? ewww...

Anyway, here's a picture taken on 27th November...
they only done the walls! PCK is so slow.. sob sob :'(

Hopefully the renovation will finish on Monday....arghhh so long...

Meanwhile, please keep your toilets door open for me ya...:P

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Santa's Rescue

Do you remember this horrible picture???

ooh well, i posted this picture in one of the earliest post, complaining about my skin condition. My acne problem started back in UK...pimples blooming like"peach trees in bloom'. Damn it! How much "more pork chop" can i be???

Luckily, ive always been a good gal :D Santa came to rescue by dropping me a complete set of Clearasil Stayclear to fight pimples away.

check this out!
my complete set of Clearasil Stayclear; triple action pimple fighting formula

The range consists of
1.Skin Perfecting Wash
2. Oil Free Gel Wash
3. The Deep Cleansing toner
4. Mattifying Moisturing Lotion
5. Pimple Treatment Gel

Skin Perfecting Wash and Oil Free Gel Wash help to deep cleans, removes all bacteria that causes pimples and prevents skin from over-drying (you know how pimples solution products alway make our skin extra-dry, clearasil is different!) While the Deep Cleansing Toner will remove oil and bacteria while tightening pores. Mattifying Moisturising Lotion will help the dry areas and mattifies shinny areas to fight pimples away. Last but not least is my favourite pimple treatment cream that penetrates deep into blocked pores to kill bacteria and dries up oil for up to 12HOURS!!! previously, those pimple creams i used only last for few hours, so i have to reapply every subsequent hours to see the results. People who are very forgetful like me should go for clearasil pimple treatment cream.

Oh yea, not to worry about the price, it is very affordable. :D

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Prank! Dang...

what happen if one day you walk into your office and notice a great transformation on your desk... this!
Okay, long story cut short. On Friday 19th December, this prank was set up to celebrate my colleague, kenny's bday. We took out his keyboard, mouse, speaker, and personal diary...then we replace with photocopy version ;D how creative is that!?! haha what he needs to do is to find his belonging back based on the given clues. So he ran from 8th floor to 6th floor, then to 10th floor, and back 8th floor... etc etc and apparently he still cant find his speaker until now.

So i heard he "fainted" after lunch and fourfeetnine fanning him while the rest act worried...DAng, Kenny you are so Dramatic!:P too bad i missed all this drama because i was on half day MC
my medication :S
i am swallowing these medicines while they are partying...sobsob and Yucks...
Nyway got to run, tata

Lipton: Can You Play the Corporate Game?

Recently i got caught up by Lipton site ...I thought it was really cool and i am gong to share.

First, i was caught by the creative website design. People nowadays are just so damn creative, giving me so much pressure to live and compete for the top, and play corporate game!!! Nyway, the site just reminds me of the snakes and ladders board game. I used to love play that game when i haven't yet to discover my Ophidiophobia!

how nice if they change those disgusting snakes into these cute different class (i.e. boss) ppl.
i like how they illustrate the working world.
there are seven different levels.

This level gave me same knowledge on lipton tea. I didn't know a cup of lipton will help to achieve hirameki; a moment of clarity which makes us think better.
As some of you knew that i just started working about one and 1/2months ago, i think these tips are really helpful to put a "spark" in my career. of my fav part!

Out of the three games, this is my fav.
Whack Work! muahhahaa, you are suppose use the hammer to whack the work when your boss is not looking which is sooo sooo logic. Can't do this in front of boss hehe
and drinking Lipton will give you 5 boss-free second. Woooohooooo

Oh wait, i havent tell you the important part of the site.
You will stand a chance to win a laptop, digital camera and many other exciting prizes! double WOoohooooo

just buy a pack a Lipton Tea Bag. Complete the contest form, attach a Lipton Tea Bag barcode and submit the contest form. Easy Peasy

*ps: better hurry up, contest until end of this month!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Kakiis Night Out

Last saturday, i attended Kakiis Night together with lil shorty and ashley @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound.

Its cool, because we get to check out MOS for FREE! except we werent serve with Liquor! haha

On that day itself, we were quite excited. We brainstorm on what to wear on the day and even the day before. Ashley brought all her whole wardrobe including a box of accessories, hair straightener and hair curler...

check this out! Ash's mobile wardrobe
I was very excited to play with her hair curler, hehe and three of us did with the help from Alice... By the time we finished our hairdo is already 6.20pm and the event start 5.30pm :S hahaha We reached there at 7.30pm....thank goodness we still manage to register ourselves in.

We were planning to say we came all the way from penang if the registration counter is close. HAHA

As we stepped into MOS, opppppssss.... we are wearing the wrong outfit! damn it

this is what we wore on that day

We were wearing dresses, so some of the games is not friendly to us at all (should go for jeans)... Anyway, we were so late that we only managed to play 3games.

lil shorty and pink pork chop
"i felt like a bimbo without her look"

me and ashley

the crowd.

The MC announced the winners right before the event. So many cool prizes, but we did not manage to get any :(

Nyway, I spotted Us in the picture from the others

shite, forgotten from where... hehe

As we were so late for the event, we miss out all the delicious looking food :(
We only had our dinner at friendster cafe later...

Having dinner at friendster cafe

mam mam
Thats all for now...

Friday, 12 December 2008

Lulu the flying banana puppy

Just wanna share with you my new puppy Lulu. She is very funny at times...but she still loves to play 'bite' :S
ive been teaching her four tricks
1. "chor zi" (sit down in Cantonese)
2. "deng" (wait)
3. hand
4. roll

1. "chor zi": very hard to get her to sit unless you have food in your hand
2. "deng": hmm performance still okay
3. hand: until now, i don't think she understand. If she ever gives u her paw, her mouth will come together for a friendly bite.
4. roll: big failure!

She is so active that i can hardly get her sit down quietly. The only way to get her to be quiet is this (watch the video below)

make her fly; make her 'happy' :D haha
only my bro can do that, too heavy for me! haha

and now, guess what she is eating?-?

she seems to love it a lot! hahaha

a pic of giorgio armani and lulu

arghh, cant get them to look@the camera!

My Mising "Bridging Around The World" Picture

lost and it back at last! :D

Bridging in Scotland '-'

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Say "i"

Hey there, im trying something fresh! A new environment with a nice drink hehe i took my sis laptop out to bangsar village II, so this post is literally created at Bangsar coffee bean :D

Anyway, yesterday ivan (not ivan four seasons...) messaged me on msn and he said something that put a smile on my face.

Ivan: " I like reading your blog"

This sentence is just flawless to me because knowing someone out there who really reads and whats better is that they (erm i remembered someone else said something similar besides ivan earlier) enjoyed reading what ive written even tho most the time is mainly crap.

My original ideas of having a blog is to
1. kill some time
2. A diary to remind me my past when i am old and forgetful or or or if my memories just shut down one day *touchwood*

But i do need some motivation to get going sometimes...people giving good review about the blog is a motivation to me.

So, if you enjoyed pinkporkchop's blog please say "i" !

hahaha this post is probably gonna be a suicide for me. But who cares, i did it anyway.
I might not be a famous blogger ie. kennysia who will be receiving hundreds/thousands of "i"...I will be happy with just a few "i" :D

Come on let me hear your voice :)

"i" "i" "i" "i"

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Bridging Around the World

I want to collect pictures of me bridging in different countries before i grow too old4 this. My current collection includes...


Paris, France



Luxembourg, germany

*ps: i did bridge here, but the picture is missing sob sob
can anyone help me2 hunt 4that picture?

And Malaysia! :D

...sadly dont have $$$ to travel and collect more of these bridging pictures :'(

PhotoContest: A Moment With My Kakiis

I was caught by this photo contest... it looks really exciting with its title "Who's got the best buddies around?" No doubt, everyone is going to said their buddies are the best. So, same goes for me.

But before moving into one of my best moment with my Kakiis, i will like to point out what most bloggers might already notice...I am equally confused with how many photo is needed for the contest. One page said photo, the other page said

Digging through the old photos snapped in UK...I couldn't believe how much fun me and my kakiis had. The photos that i had chosen is something to do with simple mind. What can be better than simplicity? Havent you heard what Simple Jack (in Tropic Thunder) got to say about happiness? He said " ma ma ma......make me HAPPY!!"

and Me n Jane n Zoe (holding the camera) said: "we wee we... are r r...the best retarded kakiis" :P

Jane and Zoe (me holding camera)
Zoe failed to show a retarded face here...but believe me, she is equally retarded!

Individual portrait of the retarded Kakiis

Kakiis no. 1: PinkPorkChop...always hugging the teddy!
Kakiis no. 2: Jane with her broken tooth...always stealing my teddy!

Kakiis no. 3: Zoe ...the strawberry clip retarded member!

This is what we do when we get over stressed from assignments