Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year Eve Review

Before i left the house to "party" i posted a post on five events available. I thought the curve event with the masquerade theme was cool but i rejected my friend invitation *totally regret it now*. I turned down the invitation mainly because i dont wish to drive all the way there alone and driving back myself in the middle of the night. And then the traffic! i hate traffic jam because i cant sit long in the ive decided i just want a simple celebration. I just want to watch fireworks display...isn't that simple enough?

Fireworks display... surely it will be better if can watch from a nice top view. So we (me and my bf) decided to go ampang look out point which is a sooooooo wrong decision! Left the house at around 9.30pm because he had a family dinner to attend. I was all excited about fireworks that i get myself all "dressed up" and i did this...

please note: I rarely do this but when i do it i will do it like a pro! LOL :P

I was super hyper in the car because was sooo sooo bloody excited about watching fireworks, like i havent see one before! And the radio play the song i wanted right after i asked "why they dint play"...everything seem so smooth until we reach the road up the to ampang look out point. So many cars....illegal parking all the way up! sighhzzz.... by the time we reach to the top, there isnt any parking left. I thought we should join the illegal parking, to my surprise, there were cops issuing parking fines. I wanted to watch fireworks from that nice top view so badly that i have crazy thought in my mind: "park and pay the damn parking ticket later" lol :P

The chances are so slim to even stop and getting so down that i turned off the car radio because i can't stand the happening "countdown" reporting while i stuck in the jam. :( I was so drama that i tears over "not watching fireworks". Stupid? Silly? Emo? I know, but i still felt its significant to me. A nice ending of 2008 is equivalent to a good start of 2009.

Oh well, this is what i managed to see...
the bloody walls and buildings were blocking my view!

So i missed the fireworks... i sat in the car for 2 hours plus....what worst is im having a backache, shoulderache and neckache!sob sob :(

The best part of the night was the glass of red wine i drank before leaving the house to "party" and my happy pills.

Yummylicious happy pills XD

Sighzz....i hope this year will be a good year for me after stumbling over a bad new year eve.

Ouch Ouch... my back hurts, thats all for now!

Happy New Year...

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