Tuesday, 27 July 2010

An Ideal Holiday

Two weeks back, i was in Cherating for a short getaway holiday.

weeee ^^

It was kind of like an ideal holiday simply because i love the beach.
i don't mind sitting by the beach all day long alone.

i went with a group of 8friends.
we checked in @ tanjong inn.

It's a nice place...traditional local wooden huts with great landscape of a man-made lake.
its affordable too!

if i am not mistaken, it was RM 120 for air-conditioner room fits 2pax.
it is very cooling at night, u may not even need to turn on the air-con but air-conditioner room has got better bathroom as compared to the fan-room which cost only 70 per night for two.

inside the room :)

There isn't much to do in Cherating besides turtle watching at night.

we were all excited to watch the turtle but we encounter with a really rude person-in-charge from the turtle sanctuary.

We did not know we were suppose to sign in (because it is NOT STATED on the sign board) and wait inside the turtle sanctuary compound.

so we stood nearby the board and the next thing we know, we are being insulted by the person-in-charge.

He said:"didn't you read the sign board...i think you can read better than me but you can't think!" something along those line. Grr...drove me nuts on the spot!

We waited 2nights. first night until 1230am and second night until 2am.
No turtle at all :'(

So all i get to see was turtles in the aquarium
spot the different...
there's a tortoises inside the pool!

some news clipping.
The poisonous turtle meat haha panda muka

other than turtle watching, there's river cruise along Sungai Ular (Snake River) and firefly watching along Sungai Ular AGAIN!

the moment i heard the name of the river, i knew there's no way i gonna go for it.

so it's really just spending some time by the beach for me.

i met two friendly dogs by the beach... two of them were following me, like i was the owner.

and this cute little feller dig a deep hole

and buried her head in the hole! so adorable ^^
i wanted to go windsurfing, but the wind isn't strong enough!fml
But again, might not be a bad thing after all because there were tons of these in the sea!


saw a man riding a horse by the beach.
SO coool...i want to be able to ride on my own one day, someday.
First must go riding class at the Selangor Turf Club :D anyone interested? heehe

Most of the food there can be found in KL like ikan bakar/grilled fish, keropok lekor...
what i found different was Satar (something like otak-otak, basically fish paste wrapped in banana leafs, instead of rectangular shape, Satar is in cone shape)

Other than that was the famous stuffed crabs from Tong Juan's Restaurant.
It's RM 8 per piece.
I think it was just okay for me...

anyway, i just wanna say...
i miss the beach already :(