Wednesday, 21 November 2012

That's How Much You Mean To Me!

Today... just out of a blue moon, i decided to revisit my blog.
As i punch in my url, i saw this...

All pictures uploaded in my blog now replaced with a black blank box with a "no entry" sign on it.
i've checked everything i could and discovered 0 pictures in my picasa album.
i'm not sure where all the pictures went. could have been some bug.
I have no idea. All i know is, i feel very sad over the missing pictures mainly because i had loads of my memories recorded here.

I guess those pictures meant a lot to me because i'm not good in writing or expressing myself through words.
I rely very much on pictures to narrate every bits of my life/stories; a picture is worth a thousand words!

Come to think of it, blogging has been an amazing journey for me.
Its been such a long time...
I started blogging since 2008, that was when i was studying in Liverpool, UK.
I thought it would be a nice way to keep my family and friends posted with my life in UK.

Blogging afterall is not just an open diary.
It has been like a close friends who just sit & listen whenever i need someone to "talk" to. *pathetic*.
I can go on and rant about almost anything. and i also love reading comments from others.
I remembered my first posting, my dad drop me a comment, the comment brought me so much joy and encouragement. Through blogging, i've also made some friends, get to understand a bit of what social advertising is about, and gave me different experiences (blogging events, launches, parties) just help to me to be less introvert and live livelier i guess...

Although i haven't been updating much but i still love what i had before!
Oh dear blog, I never knew how much you mean to me until now, at this moment, when i discovered parts of you is missing, You, my blog, has always been a part of me!

I will try my best to restore you bit by bit
*drama queen*

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Veet It Off!

So, Let's go straight to the point!
How do u think of my Veet It Off contest submission?
Like It?

I remember i've blogged about the product in 2009.

its convenient. gentle to the skins.. most of all, it gives me confident to reveal my "hairy" legs
what's more to ask for?

If you like my veet it off outfit, a completely adam saaks inspired piece, please vote for me on Facebook. :)

Look forward to more veet product/ inventory.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bridal Makeup Service (Free for Limited Time Only*)

Makeup services available for any special occasion (wedding, dinner, prom, party, etc)
Offering absolutely FREE makeup service for limited time only :)
reasonable T&C apply :P

Drop me an email if you are interested

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Alternative Fashion

The subsequent designs i did.

i. The Crop Top.
transformed from an ordinary T-shirt with just a pair of scissors.
this will be great for gym, dance classes etc...

ii. a unique 2-way top.
converting boring tshirt to a fashionable piece.
best part is, i can go with 2 different looks
round neck/ bare shoulder, you decide!

iii. Secret Angel
-growing a pair of wings, isn't it magical? :D

love my little creation?
contact me for customization :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Version of Tinkerbell Costume

finally did it! i customized my own tinkerbell inspired costume.
however, i couldnt get a tank top that has the same color as tinkerbell dress. =(
till then i will want to continue sourcing for t-shirts/tank tops to be made into my dream tinkerbell costume!
yes i am a tinkerbell fanatic!
 =D teehee. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

My Second Adam Saaks Inspired Masterpiece!

I've finally put free oversize t-shirt to good use.
here is my second piece of work.

can't wait to work on my third!  :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My First Adam Saaks Inspired Masterpiece!

During my recent trip to Boracay, a chic who does customized shirts remind me of Adam Saaks artwork.

So i've decided to give it a try.

I got a cheap, 2size bigger tank top from Carrefour to experiment.
At first i was hesitating to cut because i scared i might just destroy the top completely.
I think it took me about 15-20mins just to do the first cut on the top!?! haha then it got really addictive & exciting as i was cutting the top into strips. Next i started to weave it & Tadaaa...

Not bad for the first trial huh? :D

Next project, i was thinking to make my own tinkerbell costume (my fav disney character) with a combine of these techniques & some sewing to do.
But first, let me find a t-shirt that has the same color as Tinkerbell's dress! :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012


YES! more beach holidays for me.
This time is for company trip to Boracay Island, Philippines.

We took Cebu Pacific Air. It was quite a bad experience traveling with the airline, worst than AirAsia.
 Anyway, i am glad after hours of traveling, i've finally had a view of the magnifying Boracay island.

 Beautiful isn't it?

at Boracay Airport
 checkout the deep blue sea
we took the boat with extended "wings" to the island
 boarding the boat is quite exciting. one slip, straight into the big pool!
 this is my roommate for the trip, Jayne.

 Our Hotel: Le Soleil De Boracay
its along the beach
located @ station 2.(the beach is divided into 3: station 1,2 & 3)
 Our room

 Small bathroom with shower area..
once we done check-in, we got out to get some food at DeMall.
But drinks first!
Beer is super cheap there, this is only 40peso=: RM3!
more beer.
fyi: beer is cheaper than coconut juice!

our first lunch @ boracay
some pork dish
fried prawn
some sourish soup
and squid
after lunch, we just chill out at the beach.

 bridging @ Philippines

some random picture
me & jayne

Astrid join us for some jumping shots.
after few attempts, we finally got it!
 never miss a camwhore shot. ;)
just before the holiday, i went for manicure & pedicure.
I picked a bright color for the beach and i had little fish sticker on my 2 big toes.
i love bright colors.
 the weather in Boracay is really HOT.
hot & humid
if u want to get a tan, this is the place!
 we ordered a bucket of beer...
i mean what can be better than a ice cold beer?
 the weather was so hot, i couldnt feel much wind but i still managed to fly a kite after running several rounds hahaha...
i got this kite from china. it has a chain of 8 mini kites together..
a bit small, but still look pretty in the sky.
 ooh, the massages are cheap too. 350 peso for an hour
& its by the beach.

 the sunset at Boracay

 beautiful sand-art by local boys attracted a lot of tourist gathering around for pictures.
u will need to give some donation to the boys for pictures.
 we gave some small fee for this picture.
later that night, we head back to our hotel for some games & drinks
Day 2. i wore my tube bikini.
 we visited Mary of Boracay.
it was a beautiful site
 Jonah's  is a famous fruitshake stall in Boracay.
there's lots of choices.
i tried mango lemon & mango papaya. i am a person who dont fancy shakes by i find this is quite delicious.
 the water is crystal clear.
can u see the seaweed? hehe
 this dog just remind me of my cherating trip, where 2 friendly dogs followed me around...
so cuteeee
 in the afternoon, we went for helmet diving.
the dive is only about 20mins but its really a cool experience!
 a picture of getting reading to get into the water

& tadaa.. thats me with the helmet, 15ft below the sea :D
helmet diving is very safe. there are few divers to take care of the group
besides taking care of the group, they also help us take pictures.

one of the picture they made us remove our helmet.
i really didn't want to because i hate salt water getting into my eyes
 group shot.
like some underwater astronaut
the thing i like about boracay is that there are loads of beach activities to do: helmet diving, cliff diving, kayaking, sailing, kite boating, banana boat, fly fish, parasailing etc.

I've completed one of the activity i always wanted to do
it wasnt scary for me, because i'm dont have a height issue.
its in fact very relaxing with the wind blowing at u & getting the bird-eye-view of the island

Day2 night, i've got a temporary tattoo on my shoulder & leg
i love the fairy tattoo on my back... maybe i should make it permanent hehe

the guy who did my tattoo
 then we went for pubcrawl.
this chic is so creative, she snip snip snip the pub crawl t-shirt &made it into a toga shirt for me
 another group shot at the first pub
 camwhoring the freshly painted tatoo
 at every pub, u get a tiny shot.
there are total 6pubs to crawl
 & the organizer had some ice-breaker games.
they tied us together & made us find out more about each other.

i met Siv, a Cambodian girl
 and Raph from Australia
it was quite boring, so we left at the 3rd pub.
we had shakey's pizza for supper & we went to the beach for a night "swim".

Day3: took a boat to ariel point

Ariel point is where u do cliff diving/ jumping off the cliff.
there are different height to jump off from: 2meter,3meters, 5meters, 8meters, highest 15meters

 i took the 5meters, but it still hurts because i dont know how to dive.
i got some bruises on my thigh.
 we spent the whole day at Ariel Point.

Last night @ Boracay, we had seafood for dinner.
Seafood there are huge!
check out the size
the food was just soso. 

 & thats about it...summary of 4days 3nights at Boracay.

p/s: its worth the journey! :)