Saturday, 26 July 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe

Here's a bday song for you. (even though its not made by me! but hope you like it)
Nyway, time to write more!:P bye ~
*p/s: no money to buy you extra present so...this post is the extra present :S

Happy Bday! Muaks :x (pls scroll down to see more excitement!)

Hunting for you present!
Actress: Chi Ling
Narrator: Jane

Wishes from the others:

Dear Zoe,



To Zoe,

恭喜发财。。。。生日快乐。。。福如东海,寿比南山。心想事成,happy birthday


Wen tai tai, happy bird-ful-day la. Although you're auntie hor, but you're da pricess of the day la, so most pretty is you de la! Viii~vitt~ Sui oo Wen Tai Tai! hehehe.. muarckk love ya Zoe, happy birthday!! Luv, Rachel.

Happy Hari Jadi... Cherish this once a year enjoyment!


My Dearest Airen

wish u all the best in ur study n get marry as soon as possible with Woon Siong Hock..wuahaha...
~Jane (PPC: "Woon Siong Hock! you are dead. Your wife got another wife :P)

Dear tong xue.... happy birthday oh~~~ xoxo
one day tong xue, forever tong xue :)
and..... I LUP YOU~~~
~ur tong xue, chi ling (Jenn, ling ling, apa lagi???) ~

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Illogical Coins' Size!

I wanted to write a post about the illogical coins' size in UK quite some time ago, but just holding it back for some reasons (probably something more interesting? hehe). Okay, what i want to tell my readers (hope i'm getting some attention already hahaha perasan betul... ;P) that the coins in UK are totally illogical in terms of their size!

I was having a tough time learning how to use it during my first two-three weeks here. Learning how to use coins? Sound ridiculous! Why i failed to understand "which is how much?" and grasp this idea in a short time is because of THE SIZE!!! 2pence is bigger than 1penny; 10 pence bigger than 5 pence; 20 pence bigger than 10pence; 50 pence bigger than one pound!

I just don't understand why can't they make the size according to the value? its just so weird. Well, at least i've learned something... Size does matter!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Jane's Bday and Japan Day!

1100pm 18th July 2008, me and my friend sneak out the door, grab some ingredients and ran one floor down to borrow ivan's kitchen. What are we trying to do?.....Pancakes for Jane's Bday! Its a surprise thing :D

A picture of us separating the egg york and egg whites
and this is the frying process

the result! Tadaaaa....looks yummy isnt it?
The initiative plan was all of us getting dressed up then go knock on Jane's door to surprise her. Hopping that she will come out in her robe hehe *evil*

Getting all dressed up
except the shoe

However, the initial plan fail. She was all dressed up as well :S

Jane in her new sarong dress holding all the presents
*p/s: look at her shoe! haha kiki lala

Next morning, i get to eat yummy bruschetta.

Ivan made for all of us :D

After lunch...once again, we went to change and prepare to go out

mirror is a must! hehe

today theme: cap day

And we are heading to..... The Japan Day at Mount Pleasant

Cute dolly

First thing we do in the fair was queuing up to try on yukata

Me waiting to be served

and the final look is this...

Of course, there are more going on in the fair including performanceThe miniature display of Japan old railway train

And something creepy and cool like this

and this

and this-deadly sharp sword

While the tiny me also amazed by the tall long bow


The fair wasnt big to be frank, but we spend long enough in it. After the fair, we took more crazy pictures

like looking away for no reason...

and a picture with superlambanana
Living here, spending everything in pound is very ..oUch OUCh OUCH!...We do not have a visa, we came in using student permit which do not allow us to work. Useless illegally! So how can we earn an extra penny?

Street Performance! hehe



*see ppl behind are amazed! :P
After all the dangerous move. We deserved dining out for a day :D

But sadly, this is the most horrible KFC i ever tasted in my life so far!

After camwhoring the whole day and having great fun, now its time to go back and face the reality! Tons of work waiting for me to do... so tata
C u again... soon :)

Thursday, 17 July 2008


A typical college/uni life must have picture of students sitting on the green field (either chit chatting, picnicking, or "reading"). So here are and the green!

Picture One: Typical must do pose to "feel" the green

Picture Two: Typical group photo with nice scenery at the back

Picture Three: Typical small group of friends hanging out
Picture Four: Not so typical...plants and flowers from the backyard
Picture Five: Just ME (behind me is the red cathedral)

Picture Six: typical lying down on grass pose

Picture Seven: smiley failure

Picture Eight: shadow of me

Picture Nine: ME and my famous purple Barney boots in john foster building

Picture Ten: Laughing.jpg

Picture Eleven and Twelve: Dean Water Building ...This is where i have my seminar classes

Monday, 14 July 2008

It's a Shame!

It's a shame that i'm not in Malaysia now to witness one of the important family's timeline; whereby my family is getting bigger! I miss my chance/moment to welcome him personally. Okay, i think i make this sounds like a newborn in the family...BUT its not. He CAN'T be a newborn... he just CAN'T be because he is 178-180cm (if im not mistaken!)TALL. And that is Uncle Ken i'm talking about! hehe :D

Oh well, i miss my sis wedding registration but i certainly won't miss the wedding dinner! So i wanna wish the just married couple (legally) a lifetime happy marriage! Plus crazy little sister will be there to disturb 24/7 :P hahaha

P/S: i already put this important date down on my calendar somewhere in june :D


Muaks, all my love to the two of you!

Friday, 11 July 2008

My New Baby!

went shopping yesterday... caught! :P
And what's this?

My new baby, Motorola U9 :D and its purple wakakaka

Wait i have reason for buying a new phone, my old phone (not mine actually, my brother's) battery is weak that i have to charge every alternate days even though i don't use the phone.

Hmmm... Probably because of the incident; bottle of water leak in my bag with my brother's phone in it. (my brother so gonna kill me :S)

But did what i could do:
step one--->turn off the phone, step two--->take out battery --> step three--> dry for two days.

Ok back to the phone, i think its quite a cool phone, very stylish. Impressed by its touch screen, quite user-friendly however the smooth surface is easy to get scratches and finger prints. I don't care about finger prints coz its removable but not one scratches! Have to be extra careful!

FAQ: Why purple?
Answer: Hmm, the shop only selling either purple or pink. (no stock for Black) purple look nicer to me ermm... maybe also because i'm craving for purple stuff recently?! hehehe

for example: my famous purple boots!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

RIP kitties

My house adopted a stray cat (we called it "miaow miaow") and it gave birth to four adorable kittens before i left.

Here's a picture of the kittens

Before i left, the kittens just started to walk! It's just soooooooooooo cute!!! Sadly, i can't see them grow...worst still i got this news from my brother saying two kittens got ran over by car! The news just hit me and spoil my day totally. I'm mourning for the poor kitties...:'(

Monday, 7 July 2008

A complain to Terence!

I can’t take this anymore...

Yes i have decided...I have decided to make this complain to you about your girlfriend.

I wasn’t really a close friend to Jane until the day I came to Liverpool. There are several complains that I must let you know...

One, everyday she MUST mention about you (at least twice a day, like on some sort of medication: P)! Within a short time, I already know a lot of your happy moments with her. 老闆 this老闆 that (for those of you who don’t know this, we call Jane’s bf “老闆/boss”, so everyday she goes boss this boss that)

Two, her favourite phrase is 圆的东西比较能够让别人接受" (Direct translation: Anything round is easier to accept). I don’t have to say more, again she’s mentioning about you.

Third, She’s been requesting people to draw a picture of two of you. Since, i’m not very good in drawing, so other friends suggested drawing Jane hugging something round!

So this it is

then she not happy with it, coz cannot see your head! So i recommended Ivan the artist to draw :D hahaha

Now you see how “annoying” is your girlfriend? Everyday she has to talk about you, every sentence every words is like made for you, even when we were scrapping some crap on papers, she wants to make sure you are in it! Isn’t this touching enough to you?

So, pinkporkchop hereby wish all the best to the happy couple and happy anniversary :D