Monday, 7 July 2008

A complain to Terence!

I can’t take this anymore...

Yes i have decided...I have decided to make this complain to you about your girlfriend.

I wasn’t really a close friend to Jane until the day I came to Liverpool. There are several complains that I must let you know...

One, everyday she MUST mention about you (at least twice a day, like on some sort of medication: P)! Within a short time, I already know a lot of your happy moments with her. 老闆 this老闆 that (for those of you who don’t know this, we call Jane’s bf “老闆/boss”, so everyday she goes boss this boss that)

Two, her favourite phrase is 圆的东西比较能够让别人接受" (Direct translation: Anything round is easier to accept). I don’t have to say more, again she’s mentioning about you.

Third, She’s been requesting people to draw a picture of two of you. Since, i’m not very good in drawing, so other friends suggested drawing Jane hugging something round!

So this it is

then she not happy with it, coz cannot see your head! So i recommended Ivan the artist to draw :D hahaha

Now you see how “annoying” is your girlfriend? Everyday she has to talk about you, every sentence every words is like made for you, even when we were scrapping some crap on papers, she wants to make sure you are in it! Isn’t this touching enough to you?

So, pinkporkchop hereby wish all the best to the happy couple and happy anniversary :D



Zoe said...

Happy 7/7 dearest Jane and Terence~~~~~~~

May you guys happy ever after and after and after and after!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!

not to forget about PPC and M**E ^^

Love is~~~~ Learn Listen and Laugh~~~


Anonymous said...

Thanks dear..really dun knw how to verbalise my gratitude to you...MUAKS...big wet muaks for you, my boss always write this to me...hehhe...(again...sigh**)
Thanks friends...for always listening to me~~~

Pretty Jane

Rachel said...

happy anniversary to Jane and Lao Pan~!muarck~!!!

ashley said...

now i noe y edi cpin~~