Monday, 14 July 2008

It's a Shame!

It's a shame that i'm not in Malaysia now to witness one of the important family's timeline; whereby my family is getting bigger! I miss my chance/moment to welcome him personally. Okay, i think i make this sounds like a newborn in the family...BUT its not. He CAN'T be a newborn... he just CAN'T be because he is 178-180cm (if im not mistaken!)TALL. And that is Uncle Ken i'm talking about! hehe :D

Oh well, i miss my sis wedding registration but i certainly won't miss the wedding dinner! So i wanna wish the just married couple (legally) a lifetime happy marriage! Plus crazy little sister will be there to disturb 24/7 :P hahaha

P/S: i already put this important date down on my calendar somewhere in june :D


Muaks, all my love to the two of you!


SeeChin said...

aawww... that's sooo sweet.. thanks little sis! /muaks

Anonymous said...

my dear, although i dun knw ur sis yet, but pls send my best wish to ur sis....MUAKS....wish their marriage happy ever after~~~~~~~~


Ivan said...

best of wishes to the new couple, may it last 4ever

Zoe said...

All the best to See Chin jie jie and Uncle Ken~~~~~

Happy every after n after n after n after n after until kenot after anymore~~~~