Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Illogical Coins' Size!

I wanted to write a post about the illogical coins' size in UK quite some time ago, but just holding it back for some reasons (probably something more interesting? hehe). Okay, what i want to tell my readers (hope i'm getting some attention already hahaha perasan betul... ;P) that the coins in UK are totally illogical in terms of their size!

I was having a tough time learning how to use it during my first two-three weeks here. Learning how to use coins? Sound ridiculous! Why i failed to understand "which is how much?" and grasp this idea in a short time is because of THE SIZE!!! 2pence is bigger than 1penny; 10 pence bigger than 5 pence; 20 pence bigger than 10pence; 50 pence bigger than one pound!

I just don't understand why can't they make the size according to the value? its just so weird. Well, at least i've learned something... Size does matter!

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Zoe said...

haha~~~~ u ask me to read ur blog on 12.00 am ..~~~ n i saw this nia~~~ hahaha~~~~~