Thursday, 3 July 2008

10 mins X 6

Assignments assignments more assignments... i was quite bored with this concept! In order to cheer myself up a little, i decided to do something i enjoy doing. So, I took 10mins and make a door sign for myself out of a cereal box (i'm a handicraft person)!

I went into my housemate's room, Rachel to borrow marker pen. Then i went bck to mine and start working on it. After i'm done, of course i went to return the pens and started giggling. Of course, Rachel gave me that "what's wrong with you?" look because she weren't aware of it yet HAHA.

This is my final work! :D

ME and Milo

So yea, to continue the story...i told everyone to check out my door! End up, everyone just started throwing boxes at me :S....My 10mins fun extended to an hour! Haha but i enjoyed scrapping crap :P But its not 100% my work, i drew and they outlined themselves!

The "Art" Works hehe





One more missing ...

Well, i must admit its not that pretty, but i hope you gurls like it ;)


Zoe said...

Nice lar~~~~~ haha!!!!
especially my jelly fish head~~~ classic nya~~~~~


Ivan said...

It doesn't need to be nice to be liked XD... KAwaii!

ashley said...

definitely NICE la~~
great art work...keep it up ya!!

lilShorty said...

yea luvly!!! for u wet wet water rite...its in ur blood...creative crazy hamster!! hehe :)

Piek Leng said...

Damn cute man! Hehee~~~
Cpin...i oso wan~~
Miss you guys!

Jenn said...

of course I LOVE it!!! :D I added "stairs" and strawberry for it some more? :D Thanks a lot for drawing it. xoxo