Friday, 30 January 2009


Despite the cancellation trip to Penang, me went for a day trip to Pahang instead. For what? To play, feed, ride and bath the elephants for FRreeeeeee :D

Elephants Sanctuary in the Town Called Lanchang in Pahang
Its 1hour 30mins drive from kl...can be faster if you speed :P hehe
Anyway, this is just to inform you of the visiting hours.
*There a deerland nearby, but its close on Friday.
Feeding Time
This elephant is picky with food, it doesnt like bananas!

Next activity was riding the elephant without a basket. But its just riding in a small circle. Pity the elephants tho, if i was one of the elephants i probably feel dizzy going around the small circle for dont know how many times. Yet its a really nice experience!

Last activity got me soaking wet...

The elephants are trained to dunk ppl into the river :D

Now you see how well the elephants can be trained and how adorable they are? SAVE THEM!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

MY cny...

MY cny...

25th Jan 2009
Chinese New Year Eve! It’s a tradition to have reunion dinner; same for my family. We usually go back hometown (Seremban) for reunion dinner. Slightly different for this year...reunion dinner location changed to kl. Yeahhh…which is a bonus to me! Minus the hassle to pack for sleepover. BUT

25th Jan 2009, around 04.00am
“Arghh…ouch…arghhh…oouuhh…” woke up from sleep. Bad gastric L
Took two charcoal pills hopping it will cure but it did not work. So the pain last till 6am…I took actal this time. Sighzzz…

Get back to sleep 6something until 2pm…guess what?
I woke up with fever! Arghhhh….

While the others having nice steamboat outdoor, im lying dead on the sofa...
*ren: this is the dead porkchop picture u requested :P lol

26th Jan 2009

Woke up and yea.. im in "pink" again! Not 100% recovered yet but 70-80% i guess.
Did the usual thing...visiting every homes in Seremban. Sadly, i can only watched other ppl eating cookies, dried meat and drinking ice cold drinks!

After dinner, we traveled back to kl again hehe
When i thought i be 100% "pink" the following day. God knows what just hit my multifunctional brain...sighzz a bad headache. I can't even sleep!!!

27th Jan 2009
Still feeling the horrible headache. Another tradition; the reunion lunch or cny lunch.
Travel back to seremban again, managed to sleep 15-20mins in the car so i felt much better after that.

Guess who came too?


Its my uncle's boot.
Me in Yellow Boots
Should i get one? lol :P

KL--->Seremban--->KL--->Seremban---> KL
Ps: im back in KL :D

Friday, 23 January 2009


Nothing much for this post...just

87 Moo....
Plus Hamish =88 Moo...
to wish you Happy CNY :D

ang pao ang pao... i need lots big 1s for all the damaged ive made! sighzz

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Edible Santary Napkin and Condom

A must do before CNY is spring cleaning...
When i was doing my spring cleaning, i found a few "new" things...
not exactly new, just dont remember having them....

I found two particularly interesting items which im gonna share with u now!

Item Code: 00023
what do u think it is?

-sanitary napkin?

its actually edible marshmallow :D

Item Code: 00055

cute and play boyish box...
looks really fun :P

and its edible chocolate condom

*it looks real from far :D

I did not buy them! my sis bought them from taiwan ...hehe
okay, gtg continue cleaning :S


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Shopaholic or not?

Am i a crazy shopaholic or not? I dont know...u tell me!!!
Within a month i bought all these clothes, shoes, bag for CNY! But i still felt not enough and nothing nice to wear :S

First, guess how many dresses i bought...
*the answer is in this picture...count them*

Second, ive got 3 tops *not so many yea?*

Third, ive got four t-shirtsThe highlight is this particular t-shirt
it says *MOVE OVER B**TCH!*
fourth, only one bag (im surprise myself)

And lots of shoes
ps: sister bought two pairs for me... so i bought 3pairs in total :D
I wanted to ask ppl help see what i should wear on CNY but im too lazy to wear and camwhore...

i tried, but i gave up after two pictures
*sorry '-'

So am i a crazy shopaholic? am i a big spender? u decide...rate 1-10 haha :P

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Clocky: The Run Away Alarm Clock

Okay okay, i admit...i sleeps like a pig! I can just switch off my alarm clock without realizing nowadays. Even tho i put it on snooze, i will still go back lalaland.

So i bought a clock with wheels !!! It runs when da alarm ring and i will have to chase after the feller in order to turn off the alarm. It can fall from three feet high, so its okay to place it on a table within three feet tall.

Here is My Pink Clocky
BUT its FAULTY!!! sobsob :'(

Clocky suppose to ring and run away when the alarm starts...but instead the "wheels" button did not work together with the alarm. It just stood still staring at me :'(

I thought the wheels are faulty but its not too... so probably just the button that is faulty!
In the video, i set my pink Clocky to this is a function call "game"...
see how the wheels work.

Here is another video but i picked up from youtube. My pink clocky should function like this

There are more funky alarm clocks in Japan! Damn i got a cool pink but faulty alarm clock :'(

Friday, 16 January 2009


dear diary

Around 2am today, I made a fool out of myself!
For whatever it means, you will not know and understand how i felt... but instead you will only see me as a weak person.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

All Desserts 50% OFF!!!

I' ve been craving for desserts nowadays, especially chocolate cakes *hint hint* (who wanna take me out for dessert? :P)

Nyway, i happened to go Hartamas Shopping Centre and discovered this bunting stand that says

50% OFF! :D
We ordered three things from the menu.

1. Tiramisu (not recommended)
normal price: RM8

2. Single parfait & tart *oreo parfait taste good
normal price: RM2.50
NOW: ~RM1.25

2. Chocolate smoothies *not too sweet...Yummy :D
normal price: forgotten how much
NOW: ~HALF the price
For those who are interested to try...i think this is the best time!
-Promotion ends 18th Jan 2009

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Crazy Over You!

I need to confess! Ive been crazy over XXX.... for few least three years long until now.

You look so cute,
so graceful,
so magical,

i just cant take my eyes off you... i adore looking at your cute face...i adore your every movement, every act. Yes, that is you that i am talking about...Tinkerbell :P

hehe im a toy collector too!
Here are my tinkerbell collection

So far, i love this best! I got it from Paris Disneyland :D
Its made from wood, which i thought it damn cool and unique! XD
isn't she pretty?

here's another tinkerbell from Paris disneyland

its christmas ornament
Recently, my brother went to japan for holiday... Besides burberry bag ( i cant afford tho), i told him to get me tinkerbell stuff...

this is what he got me
tinkerbell figurine

Behind the box indicated that there are six different figurine...4 tinkerbell and 2tinkerbell's friends
and i wouldn't know what i will get

so i thought, the chances to get tinkerbell is quite high...67%!!!
But but but...
when i opened up... i peep from the top and saw the red head fairy..sob sob sob
Thats her
anyone wanna trade?
thats ok...ive still got my tinkerbell sticker from japan!
So lets move on...Besides figurines, stickers, i do collect every bits of tinkerbell including stationaries, accessories and more.. just scroll down and discover my collections.

tinkerbell files
-this was a gift from zoe- muaks

i bought this one in liverpool
and last but not least.....

Panty with printed Tinkerbell! :P

* ps: i didnt wear this, just keeping it! haha

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Rise of the Lycans starts Jan 09

Give me my ticketsssss to DA screening :D

Monday, 5 January 2009

My First KSCB Gathering

Last year (to be exact: 27th Dec 2008, not so long ago) , ive been to my first kscb gathering! Wooohooo.

How did i get to know about the gathering?
to be frank, i wasnt one of the people chatting in kscb before the gathering. i got to know this from innit nuffnang and kate was kind enough to invite me :D Thanks Copy Kate

Oh well, its my first gathering, i havent met anyone, i dont know anyone (ouch kinda sad)...i felt ermm.. funny but i must say the bloggers i met was a bunch of crazy people :P which is GOOD! because they certainly made me feel comfortable and easier to join in the group. Thanks People :)

Here are snap shots of the crazy gathering (ps: they are mostly stolen from superwilson and wen pink)

The gathering was held in MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee@ pavilion
Mango something something was what i ordered for the day (cant remember the name) haha
*for mango lover only*

group picture on the left
Ren, Mike Rotch,wen pink, porkchop, angel,
i just notice kate missing

the guys are enjoying themselves

monster hand appear molesting the gals...
air guitar?(OLD)
air molester? (NEW)

wen pink the first victim!

then Kate

then me without even realizing but my facial expression was....

then poor angel

pork chop and BernardC

When we stood up and stepped out of MOF, i realize one thing!
I'm so short! look at those ppl around they looked down at me ;'( Hmmph~

Roger, thanks for bending down but it is still very obvious! Lol :P
Okay, thats all for now...
Thanks for inviting and i truly enjoyed myself .. muaks...