Tuesday, 27 January 2009

MY cny...

MY cny...

25th Jan 2009
Chinese New Year Eve! It’s a tradition to have reunion dinner; same for my family. We usually go back hometown (Seremban) for reunion dinner. Slightly different for this year...reunion dinner location changed to kl. Yeahhh…which is a bonus to me! Minus the hassle to pack for sleepover. BUT

25th Jan 2009, around 04.00am
“Arghh…ouch…arghhh…oouuhh…” woke up from sleep. Bad gastric L
Took two charcoal pills hopping it will cure but it did not work. So the pain last till 6am…I took actal this time. Sighzzz…

Get back to sleep 6something until 2pm…guess what?
I woke up with fever! Arghhhh….

While the others having nice steamboat outdoor, im lying dead on the sofa...
*ren: this is the dead porkchop picture u requested :P lol

26th Jan 2009

Woke up and yea.. im in "pink" again! Not 100% recovered yet but 70-80% i guess.
Did the usual thing...visiting every homes in Seremban. Sadly, i can only watched other ppl eating cookies, dried meat and drinking ice cold drinks!

After dinner, we traveled back to kl again hehe
When i thought i be 100% "pink" the following day. God knows what just hit my multifunctional brain...sighzz a bad headache. I can't even sleep!!!

27th Jan 2009
Still feeling the horrible headache. Another tradition; the reunion lunch or cny lunch.
Travel back to seremban again, managed to sleep 15-20mins in the car so i felt much better after that.

Guess who came too?


Its my uncle's boot.
Me in Yellow Boots
Should i get one? lol :P

KL--->Seremban--->KL--->Seremban---> KL
Ps: im back in KL :D


michael yip said...

WAH! Madam Pua Chu Kang....


Ren said...

LOL, thx for showing out the half dead PPC pic :P yeah u shud get the yellow boot!!! PPC in PCK's boot!!!

ok heading to bed now, night and take care :D

Rachel said...

purple one suit u more la dear :P

flizzardo said...

hello there nice blog...

and happy chinese new year

Pork Chop said...

micheal yip: Im not Rosie Phua! PCK dont want me :S

Ren: hahaha i dont think i want to buy yellow boot tho

Rachel: I love my purple boot, i still having it with me even tho i cant wear it in msia weather

Flizzardo: thanks, happy cny to you too and do come bck visit me :D