Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Shopaholic or not?

Am i a crazy shopaholic or not? I dont know...u tell me!!!
Within a month i bought all these clothes, shoes, bag for CNY! But i still felt not enough and nothing nice to wear :S

First, guess how many dresses i bought...
*the answer is in this picture...count them*

Second, ive got 3 tops *not so many yea?*

Third, ive got four t-shirtsThe highlight is this particular t-shirt
it says *MOVE OVER B**TCH!*
fourth, only one bag (im surprise myself)

And lots of shoes
ps: sister bought two pairs for me... so i bought 3pairs in total :D
I wanted to ask ppl help see what i should wear on CNY but im too lazy to wear and camwhore...

i tried, but i gave up after two pictures
*sorry '-'

So am i a crazy shopaholic? am i a big spender? u decide...rate 1-10 haha :P


SeeChin said...

11! (out of scale) :p
eh, didn't i contribute some clothes too?

yenniedoll said...

i love the butterfly belt!!!

Hot On said...

all gals are like this de wad~~

Yi Ling said...

O.o you shopping spree ah. haha.

Pork Chop said...

Dearest SC: most ppl did not agree... so i can shop more! :P forgotten the clothes

Yennie: hehe thanks and its an antic!

Hot On: probably or maybe not all hahaha

Yi Ling: yea i need a lot of shopping therapy to live happily ever after :P

Anonymous said...

very lala

SeeChin said...

ya, that butterfly belt is mine! never worn before though :p

ashley said...

i found my Kakiss~
Let's shop together!!!
wakaka~~ said...

hi porkchop..just wondering why you call as a pork chop..u doesn't look like a pork chop.

anyway, nice blog you got there. keep in touch, ok? =)

Pork Chop said...

anonymous... wonder who u are ?-? very lala... really? im so hurt! :P i need a fashion consultant then, get me one ya :D

SC: thats not urs, that is see min's butterfly belt... its from one of the secondhand junk. finally get to use it! :P

ashley: come come, lets go shopping. you can be my fashion consultant

Tolanic: hello, i called myself pork chop is because i think i look like porkie! lol :P And keep in touch. I like the pictures from your blog

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

15 lo...