Sunday, 11 January 2009

All Desserts 50% OFF!!!

I' ve been craving for desserts nowadays, especially chocolate cakes *hint hint* (who wanna take me out for dessert? :P)

Nyway, i happened to go Hartamas Shopping Centre and discovered this bunting stand that says

50% OFF! :D
We ordered three things from the menu.

1. Tiramisu (not recommended)
normal price: RM8

2. Single parfait & tart *oreo parfait taste good
normal price: RM2.50
NOW: ~RM1.25

2. Chocolate smoothies *not too sweet...Yummy :D
normal price: forgotten how much
NOW: ~HALF the price
For those who are interested to try...i think this is the best time!
-Promotion ends 18th Jan 2009


renaye said...

wow! only in hartamas branch i wonder.

Pork Chop said...

aiyak, i left that details out! thanks for reminding.

Not only in hartamas branch but other s including subang parade, casa tropicana, mont kiara shoplex, menara hap seng and soho KL. :D

Ashley Two Fish said...

oh yay!! there's one next to my house only!! i'm so going there!

ashley said...

omg~how come i din noe abt it since i'm workin at plaza damas?
i shld figure it out!!!

thx 4 ya info dearie!


Pork Chop said...

to Ashley"S" hehe: go ahead and try. I think is really good deal, thats why i put it in my blog. :D