Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bangkok City went Haywire!

Besides having too many wires and the two bombing incident, it was okay.
its more of me going haywire with all the shopping :P
Day1-2 was all about shopping and massage
we went to the platinum shopping, siam paragon, chatuchak market and mbk.

Clothes are relatively cheap there but i find it quite similar to times square in KL-just that its about RM5-10 cheaper. What i didn't like was- i don't get to try before i buy. So every night, we kinda run a mini fashion show back in our hotel- trying out all the new stuff we bought during the day. :S

me and my big pink shopping bag + diva hat i bought day1

here are my shopping goods excluding the dozen of bras & panties that i've bought :P
ps: the picture includes my sis's stuff as well because she insisted to have hers in the picture to create the "Wow" factor.. but i thought the picture didn't quite create that emotion.

hmm...We shop too little?

out of all the things i bought i had two piggy items and i love them :)

#1 piggy indoor socks
Align Centre#2 a springy pig that i now hung down my ceiling

...of course, after hours of walking...these blistered feet need some massage!
i miss the massage there. it can be as cheap as RM20 for an hour of foot massage!
back in KL, for an hour of foot massage cheapest on the top of my mind is RM35/40; doubled the price :(
That was just shopping, we visited some touristy places and tried the local food

like padthai

bird's nest soup from china town but i did not like it.
maybe it was the way the cook it, i did not like the fragrance...just funny!
Align Centre

you can find the whole china town filled with light-boxes for bird's nest and shark fin.
it's cheap over there.
a groupie with the notty lady boss behind-now ex-boss :(

we did a few touristy place on the 3rd day.

1# The grand palace
The buildings were beautiful and made good photographs.

Fyi: there's a dress code to enter the palace
Ladies: anything long to cover the legs, no sleeveless and no leggings
Gents: long pants and no sleeveless as well

Don't worry if u are not in the right dress code, they do have pareo and pants rental at the entrance.

Outside the palace compound, we encounter with local lies. A local approach us like one of those sales guy that anyone would try to avoid. First he told us the palace is close, then he told us we cannot enter because of our dressing. We ignored. but i bet he was just trying either bring us elsewhere and be our little tour guide, charge us a bomb or sell us some clothes.

That was just one, we had another incident before the palace whereby the taxi drivers refuse to take us to China Town; the reason given was the roads in China Town are closed for Buddha celebration which was totally bullocks! Tourist might want to beware of this.

We hired a tour guy for about RM150; he was nice and good with all the history stuff which i am not very into lol :P here are some pictures inside the palace

the hermit doctor- experienced in preparing traditional herbal medicines and he is wearing very little clothes because he lives in the jungle.
The two guarding the door are the bad guys turn good.

Then there's something to represent the King but i don't remember what it means already
only remembered the number of elephant(s) symbolize how much power to the king has.

the mini Angkor Wat
Phra Sri Ratana Chedi within Wat Phra Kaeo
-Shaped like a bell because they believe it will keep the evil spirit away
and it is made of GOLD!
each of the small gold piece cost about RM10...
there's so many!
guang gong is also in the palace

The very powerful monkey aka Sun WuKong from China

Also be amazed with the wall- full of pictures that tell great stories

behind us stand the Emerald Buddha- made from jade.
unfortunately, no camera is allow.

The Emerald Buddha wears costume made of solid gold. There's three costume for three different seasons: Winder, Summer and Rainy Season. Only the King change the costume of the Emerald Buddha.

Once you get out, you are suppose to sprinkle holly water for blessing and that is exactly what i am doing in the picture :)

2# River cruise
we went on a river cruise, rented a boat for four of us.
serious, don't do it! it's a total waste of $$$. i nearly fall asleep...nope not nearly...i fell asleep

the only thing i got to see was the floating market.
but only two-three sellers.

some scenery ...more temple and houses
check out the size of the buddha

3# Wat Poh aka the sleeping buddha

4# Wat Arun

we took a RM0.30 ferry from the back of the palace to Wat Arun

where i tried on their traditional costume.
the local taught me how to pose.
i thought i looked ridiculous
nonetheless, i found myself flashing when climbing the stairs.
Thank god i wasn't wearing anything transparent. heeh :S
It was really steep. my advise is to wear a pants.

At Wat Arun's, recorded some pictures on the body massage points.

Learning so much on the history and culture, we needed to see more about the people so we went for a ladyboy show :P

Chris was in Bangkok as well for a night to get some inspiration. He joined me for the show- Calypso @ Asia Hotel.
I guess he needed inspiration from the "pretty laddies" :P
isn't she gorgeous?
i mean he :S
lots of super hot flaunting bodies

me and the sister

After the show, we have some local beer-Singha back in hotel.
Quite a nice place @heritage hotel

King size bed :D


last thing i need was a transparent bathroom glass window.
As thoughtful as all hotels would be, snacks coffee and tea are available
and "One Touch Happy" for the emergency use.
haha what a brand name!