Monday, 22 March 2010

Yellow Yellow Bang Bang

Yellow Yellow Bang Bang is actually a Maybelline contest name. I find it rather cute haha...
Anyway, i was invited for a paintball game play against the winner of Yellow Yellow Bang Bang contest at Xtion Paintball Park@ Bukit was abt one month back?

Maybelline invited Steph as well...
however i am regret that we were running late that day.
When we reached Xtion park, everyone was there waiting :S

we were the last two.

it was my first time for paintball; steph first time too!
we were excited yet fear of paint and PAIN!

Getting ready :)

Before getting into the battle field, we have a briefing session.
Basically to tell the rules and regulation and how to operate/use the marker/gun!

When briefing gets a little dry...hehe i took a picture of steph combat jeans
After the briefing, the war begins between
my team, the purple team with all girls only

and the yellow team aka the winner + winner's friends team.

We had strategies people :P we have two appointed shooter to shoot the bottles.two runners for the flag and the remaining ppl were KICK ArSE ppl because we shoot people :P
i took the Kick ARse role because i thought bigger target should be easier for beginner right? :P h
But in actual fact, i am not kicking anybody arse...
*hide hide*

nahh, i am not a chicken :P remember? and i got proof

tadaa.. the heroic me running with the flag for the team hehe and that was when the victory came onboard! However, i fell flat with my face down while running because i find the 1.5kg marker/gun getting heavier and heavier :S
It was really a fun adrenaline pumping action to do over the weekend.

even tho i had minor injuries for falling
some scratches on the hand

and a big bruse on the knee

after the adrenaline rush, i was rushing off for zoe's bday party. I was all mess up; my hair is messy, my face is pale, thank god for Maybelline new mascara, it helps for a quick fix and i am cool to go :) haha

Sunday, 14 March 2010

24 hours Orz

This is a very emotional post hence it is protected with code! You might think that i am silly to write a post then protect it with encrypted code. Well, i just want to pen down and get rid of what's in my head right now. You can request for the password if you want to read my whole damn emo message or you can try to crack it but i don't think it's worth your time :P

So the story begins here...

The End...