Sunday, 14 March 2010

24 hours Orz

This is a very emotional post hence it is protected with code! You might think that i am silly to write a post then protect it with encrypted code. Well, i just want to pen down and get rid of what's in my head right now. You can request for the password if you want to read my whole damn emo message or you can try to crack it but i don't think it's worth your time :P

So the story begins here...

The End...


stephanie k said...

1st of all i din know blogger can encrypt code! how?!!

2nd .. can i ? :P

Sherry said...

having giveaway here hope you take part

it ends on 18 march

Pork Chop said...

haha secret :P yes u can. if u want to know how, msn me. ill teach u :)

hi, i am aware of your giveaway. thanks for reminder but i really dont have time to go through all of it. all the best