Monday, 22 March 2010

Yellow Yellow Bang Bang

Yellow Yellow Bang Bang is actually a Maybelline contest name. I find it rather cute haha...
Anyway, i was invited for a paintball game play against the winner of Yellow Yellow Bang Bang contest at Xtion Paintball Park@ Bukit was abt one month back?

Maybelline invited Steph as well...
however i am regret that we were running late that day.
When we reached Xtion park, everyone was there waiting :S

we were the last two.

it was my first time for paintball; steph first time too!
we were excited yet fear of paint and PAIN!

Getting ready :)

Before getting into the battle field, we have a briefing session.
Basically to tell the rules and regulation and how to operate/use the marker/gun!

When briefing gets a little dry...hehe i took a picture of steph combat jeans
After the briefing, the war begins between
my team, the purple team with all girls only

and the yellow team aka the winner + winner's friends team.

We had strategies people :P we have two appointed shooter to shoot the bottles.two runners for the flag and the remaining ppl were KICK ArSE ppl because we shoot people :P
i took the Kick ARse role because i thought bigger target should be easier for beginner right? :P h
But in actual fact, i am not kicking anybody arse...
*hide hide*

nahh, i am not a chicken :P remember? and i got proof

tadaa.. the heroic me running with the flag for the team hehe and that was when the victory came onboard! However, i fell flat with my face down while running because i find the 1.5kg marker/gun getting heavier and heavier :S
It was really a fun adrenaline pumping action to do over the weekend.

even tho i had minor injuries for falling
some scratches on the hand

and a big bruse on the knee

after the adrenaline rush, i was rushing off for zoe's bday party. I was all mess up; my hair is messy, my face is pale, thank god for Maybelline new mascara, it helps for a quick fix and i am cool to go :) haha


Jack Ng said...

you r not a chicken ........ as u r a PORK ! lol ..... nice game man ......
oh ya ... did u went to low yat wit ur boy last week ?!

Malaysia Dog Rescue & Adoption Blog said...

Bang! You're dead ... or, are you? Finally ... i see this article ... nicely written. :D

Pork Chop said...

jack: yeaa u get the not chicken joke. haha lame tho :P

yea i went lowyat but i dont have a boy! :P

lance: *vomit blood and play dead* haha thanks, err the pictures are kinda big, so i gonna resize n upload in my fb ya. :)

Jack Ng said...

haha ... sure i get it la ... "Seng muk" one ma .... lol
then who u went wit to low yat oh ? next time drop by to say hi la..... :P

Pork Chop said...

jack: i didnt even see u...shdnt u be the one to drop by n say hi since u saw me? :P haha