Saturday, 17 January 2009

Clocky: The Run Away Alarm Clock

Okay okay, i admit...i sleeps like a pig! I can just switch off my alarm clock without realizing nowadays. Even tho i put it on snooze, i will still go back lalaland.

So i bought a clock with wheels !!! It runs when da alarm ring and i will have to chase after the feller in order to turn off the alarm. It can fall from three feet high, so its okay to place it on a table within three feet tall.

Here is My Pink Clocky
BUT its FAULTY!!! sobsob :'(

Clocky suppose to ring and run away when the alarm starts...but instead the "wheels" button did not work together with the alarm. It just stood still staring at me :'(

I thought the wheels are faulty but its not too... so probably just the button that is faulty!
In the video, i set my pink Clocky to this is a function call "game"...
see how the wheels work.

Here is another video but i picked up from youtube. My pink clocky should function like this

There are more funky alarm clocks in Japan! Damn i got a cool pink but faulty alarm clock :'(


Calvin Soo KJ said...

the clock wanna sleep too... =) 1st time here, got it from innit. cheers and god bless..

Rachel said...

that is CUTE!!! i want i want, where can get it??

xiaoyingzi said...

OHMYLOLLIPOP! This is wayyyyy so cute ! i wanna have one toooo !
i wish Singapore sells this too .

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

for it to move around so much. must have hit the walls and all. probably will go faulty soon =P

Pork Chop said...

Calvin: the clock suppose to wake me up, so it can't sleep!!! muahahaha.. anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and come back again ya :D

Rachel and Xiao Ying Zi: You can buy it from ebay but its a bit risky since i got a faulty 1 already! :'(

Irvine: I can always stop it from moving and i can always remove da wheels to prevent that but now i dont have to becoz its already faulty :(

Michael Yip said...

BWAHAHAHA..... Pink Runaway Clock ... At least it doesn't have a hand that comes and slap you to wake you up.

Chandelier said...

aiyoh I love the clock lei!!! so cute sial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pork Chop said...

Michael Yip: I think it will be brilliant to have a slapping clock. I will place beside whoever i dont like! muahahhaa :P

Chandelier: Yea its really cute and its pink! Lol :P nehhh...white 1 is also very cute