Monday, 5 January 2009

My First KSCB Gathering

Last year (to be exact: 27th Dec 2008, not so long ago) , ive been to my first kscb gathering! Wooohooo.

How did i get to know about the gathering?
to be frank, i wasnt one of the people chatting in kscb before the gathering. i got to know this from innit nuffnang and kate was kind enough to invite me :D Thanks Copy Kate

Oh well, its my first gathering, i havent met anyone, i dont know anyone (ouch kinda sad)...i felt ermm.. funny but i must say the bloggers i met was a bunch of crazy people :P which is GOOD! because they certainly made me feel comfortable and easier to join in the group. Thanks People :)

Here are snap shots of the crazy gathering (ps: they are mostly stolen from superwilson and wen pink)

The gathering was held in MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee@ pavilion
Mango something something was what i ordered for the day (cant remember the name) haha
*for mango lover only*

group picture on the left
Ren, Mike Rotch,wen pink, porkchop, angel,
i just notice kate missing

the guys are enjoying themselves

monster hand appear molesting the gals...
air guitar?(OLD)
air molester? (NEW)

wen pink the first victim!

then Kate

then me without even realizing but my facial expression was....

then poor angel

pork chop and BernardC

When we stood up and stepped out of MOF, i realize one thing!
I'm so short! look at those ppl around they looked down at me ;'( Hmmph~

Roger, thanks for bending down but it is still very obvious! Lol :P
Okay, thats all for now...
Thanks for inviting and i truly enjoyed myself .. muaks...


Andrew said...

KSCB!! Nice.. I still remembered my first was in Kelana Jaya Restoran Talipon Steamboat... hehe... With Ren, WenPink, Kate, Zoe, they all =D

Missyve said...

You were so awfully quiet, dear! Do speak up more next time, it'd be more fun.

Andrew- I wasn't aware that that was ur first time!! :O

sabahking said...

if get the chance I also wish to do gethering with u all. seem have a very fun there !!

Pork Chop said...

Andrew & Sabahking: we shall have a gathering if theres a chance! :D

Miss Zoe: i was awfully quiet to you because i was sitting at the other end of the table! hahha abit paiseh to shout "ZOooeeeeeeee" from one end to the other end. :P for another reason is being totally new to this kind of gathering, but yea must get to know you guys more so that i wont be that quiet for the future gatherings (if theres any) XD...nyway its still great fun for first time, thanks