Friday, 30 January 2009


Despite the cancellation trip to Penang, me went for a day trip to Pahang instead. For what? To play, feed, ride and bath the elephants for FRreeeeeee :D

Elephants Sanctuary in the Town Called Lanchang in Pahang
Its 1hour 30mins drive from kl...can be faster if you speed :P hehe
Anyway, this is just to inform you of the visiting hours.
*There a deerland nearby, but its close on Friday.
Feeding Time
This elephant is picky with food, it doesnt like bananas!

Next activity was riding the elephant without a basket. But its just riding in a small circle. Pity the elephants tho, if i was one of the elephants i probably feel dizzy going around the small circle for dont know how many times. Yet its a really nice experience!

Last activity got me soaking wet...

The elephants are trained to dunk ppl into the river :D

Now you see how well the elephants can be trained and how adorable they are? SAVE THEM!!!


ashley said...

din noe thr is an Elephants Sanctuary in Pahang until i read ur blog!

lik u said they're adorable..pls SAVE em'!

Pork Chop said...

Ash: lets gathered and go another day :D

wen pink said...

The soaking activity looks fun!!!