Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Four Rings!

Recently, ive been watching this hongkong drama named 'The Seventh Day' <最美麗的第七天>...hehe

I caught this scene that said there are four rings to symbolize different stages in a relationship.

1. Dating
2. Proposal
3. Engagement
4. Marriage

Da four rings to 'happily ever after''! haha

For guys, you might want to consider getting a ring this valentine! :P
For girls who wish to drop a *hint*, feel free to send this link
to your love one. haha

Okay im gonna end this by saying "YOu OWe me A RING!" muahahaha XD


SeeChin said...

specify the name of the person who owes you lah

Pork Chop said...

he should know who he is!!! :P

wen pink said...

What about single ladies? :( who is gonna give us the ring?!