Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Simple CNY Visiting & Jennifer's Belated Bday!

This year cny is abit dull, in fact i think cny is lossing its meaning each year. Its not about family gatherings anymore. Its about "Ang Pao $$$" and Gambling. sighzz...

So Ash invited me to Ivan's house for cny visiting. Yes, Ivan's house, its not wrong... just weird :P

Besides cny visiting, its also Jennifer's belated bday celebration.
*sorry i forgotten to wish you happy bday on your bday. im hopeless with dates!"

This is Jennifer possing with her present
and this is a picture of the attendees
*sorry ash, i just notice we dont have a group picture. :S

While this is a picture of the attendees for jennifer bday08.
getting smaller and smaller...sob sob

hmm, she's trying to say im small :P

Now heres the bday tradition. The one i hated most!!!

Seriously, i just hate cream getting on my face. Arghh...i cried on my 12years old birthday because of this and i have also experience being chased by two crazy friends (Ferdinand and Ivan) with a bottle of fresh cream. But their mission failed! i ran away...far far away. From KLCC to Ampang Point :D Shit, why am i telling you this???
:'( Dont CREAM ME!!! :'(

Da cream on the nose *not fun*

To Jenn: even tho this is not a big bday celebration and a belated1 but i hope you like it.

Before i saying goodbye, i just want to informed all of you that...



ive got no luck for g*****ing



阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

u put rm 5 in ur purse only is it??? then sure very fast finish lor~ ha!

another crazy hamster said...

pin pin...i ran with u to ampang point k...dun forget :p hehe...

blueyfetes said...

Yea, it was a pleasant and happy celebration. :)) Wrote it in my blog earlier than u :P


Pork Chop said...

Zoe: hahah no RM10 :P

Another Crazy Hamster: why called me pinpin :S nyway, yea u da witness plus bff :D

Blueyfetes: Erm, pictures nice or not is a subjective judgment...who knows? maybe some guy ask me for ur contact after looking at ur pictures :D

ashley said...

Cpin~so nice of u cut my face n placed it in de group pic =D
thx o!