Friday, 13 February 2009

Nothing for Valentine!

Warning: This is gonna be an emo post!

Toblerone contest's result is out but my bf did not manage to get any prize from toblerone.... not even consolation prize! sighzzz... no toblerone for me... nothing for valentine!

Its 1214pm and im still sitting in front of the screen typing. Sounds like a big losser to me!?! ohh well, i have no idea how my valentine gonna end...with a smile on the face?or with tears???...It didn't quite workout last night...that's why im doubting!

Arghh...die cupid DIEEEe
I think i should go Scarle's Anti Valentine's Day and have fun instead.
Happy Valetine's Day to All


Shilka said...

Dun worry! Toblerone can make ppl fat, so maybe better you didn't get it ;) Cheer up! :D

Pork Chop said...

heheh thanks shilka :D *hugz