Sunday, 15 February 2009

It's a SMILE :D

My Valentine's Day started off with Sunway Pyramid because my thoughtful bf (hehe) knew i wanted to skate for quite some time ago. But sadly, this is what happen!

The crowd is crazy! How to skate lidat la???

Lingering around the skating ring for a while, i spotted a guy hugging a big teddy bear skating towards a girl. When the guy finally reach the girl, they hug in the middle of the skating ring awwww...but the big fat teddy was in the middle of the couple so the hugging involve arms only! hahaha

Then there is this cool wedding going on so they closed off the skating ring around 5pm...

Wedding on Ice
Congratulation Harry and Elina (as if i know them! lol :P)

Before leaving, we walked around the mall, and i also spotted another lovely couple
Berry & Lemon

Walking in the wrong heels for about two hours plus, my pinky toe was hurting badly

So we ended up in Fisho for fish spa, RM38 for 30mins :D haha its my first expenrience with lots and lots of fishes CHEWING me alive...

the environment was pretty good mainly becoz there's no other ppl besides us and the two ppl servicing us.

muahahaha we owned this place! :P
me settling down...

here's a video of me giggling giggling becoz its ticklish...hehe

another picture of me
stop feeling the ticklish sensation after awhile

mine feet

and his feet
so many fishes CHEWING us alive! haha

they are good to be manicurist too.
can feel the fishes mouth chewing and sucking??!! :S

After fish spa, we head off for dinner at palate-palette; one of the places in my to go list!
Its kinda my choice because he gave me two keywords to choose from
1. seafood
2. crayon
I took crayon. I asked why and he explained that ppl can actually draw on the table with crayon. ive googled it but i can find info on this... hmm r u sure? :P

me while waiting for the food
have no idea what im doing!!!
i think i looked like i trying to twist and take out my head :S

ooh yea, since its valentine, there were lil hearts on the table

and this is what i did while waiting for food

and this.. Pink Porkie except its not pink hearts!

That's him

Before leaving the place i took another picture, this cute balloon just cant get off my sights
Haha i look so fair in this picture! probably just the flash :P

Ooppss nearly forgotten all about the valentine's gift.
Remember one of the post that i wrote about The four different ring to an happy ending?
HE got me RING but its .....


but i still love it. (if you notice, im already wearing it in the pictures! hehe)

That's about it. This is my valentine
Thank You xoxo

hope you have a good one too :)

4 comments: said...

wow..the ice skating rink is super crowded!!!

Yatz said...

eh eh..i was in Pyramid also wo..LOL

Yi Ling said...

O.o the fished ._. haha.

Pork Chop said...

Tolanic: very crowded, summore the stage took some of the space

Uncle Yatz:P haha were u there for movie?

Yi Ling: hehehe the fishes are kinda cute :D