Thursday, 5 February 2009

I Am A Celebrity Blogger... NOT!!!

Yesterday, when i stepped into my office, my colleague told me there's a gift waiting for me to collect. A smile automatically plastered on my face. :)

Instantly, i went two floors up to the reception area. The receptionist was there and she told me that my gift is in the REFRIGERATOR!!! WHAT THE HELL IS IT DOING IN THE FRIDGE???

Whatever. I just grab it from the fridge then.

Here's a picture of the gift i received
*minus the teddy ya. That is totally mine. I hug it when i'm working :P

Then i noticed there's a letter that came with it. I hurried opened the letter and guess who send that to me???
It's from WALL'S!!!

The Content: Eight yummylicious Cornetto Ice Cream in the box. hehe
Two pleasurable flavours including Cornetto Disc Chocolate and Cornetto Disc Vanilla! Do you want one? :P

I felt like a celebrity blogger already!
Enjoying my ice-cream, cam whoring like one of the celebrity blogger
Mmmm... Yummy

Good thing are meant to be shared...
I shared the ice-creams with my colleagues...
This is only one of the colleague who received

Celebrity Blogger???NOT!!!
I'm not a celebrity blogger. ==
Its just that Wall's Cornetto is very generous to give out 100,000 Cornetto cones this Valentine! :D

In additional, Wall's will be turning the sparks on this Valentine's Day by initiating a huge yet simple act of distributing hearty Cornetto cones at various locations in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru.

For those who are interested in delivering some love...
head to the following locations between 2 and 5pm on Saturday, 14th Feb 2009.
Klang Valley: Berjaya Times Square and One Utama Shopping Centre
Penang: Gurney Plaza and Jusco Queensbay Mall
Johor Bahru: City Square Plaza and Plaza Angsana

Wall's Cornetto will be there for you :)

Also look up for Cornetto Disc Flip & Win contest!
its easy, just follow the steps behind the lid.

and you stand a chance to win all these attractive prizes.
I will like to have a Jukebox. Its Classic!

Cornetto always have create interesting contest with cool and great prizes.

I've join the Cornetto Lurve Kliks contest back in 2006. Below is just to show off the great prizes ive won and also how crazy i am over Cornetto :D

I won two different package.
Check out my cool prizes from Walls Cornetto
1st package: Live Up With Hannah T
Hair makeover at Saw Salon
Dinner with Hannah T in Tarbush, Starhill
Ridding in a limo with Hannah T
Partying with Hanna T in Maison

the winners with hannah T

2nd package: Wings of Lurve
Flying in the Sky!
IPOD shuffle

Look at that big stack of Cornetto's lids

This is no joke. Me and my friend bought all these and got our fridge flooded with Cornettos

I bought 100 over Cornettos to join the contest in 2006!
and for 2009 i will definately BUy BUY BUY, FLIp flip fip and WIN XD

Before i go...remember to stop by
Klang Valley: Berjaya Times Square and One Utama Shopping Centre
Penang: Gurney Plaza and Jusco Queensbay Mall
Johor Bahru: City Square Plaza and Plaza Angsana
between 2 and 5pm on Saturday, 14th Feb 2009.

The NOT celebrity blogger again =='''



the other hamster said...

hey pin pin!!!! miss those cornetto days!!!muahahhaha...lets buy 100 ice cream again...oh btw aaron getting married :) said...

i want to eat ice cream too!!!

Mr Awesome said...

wheeeee! cornettos! =]

wen pink said...

OMG u r one lucky lady!!

Yi Ling said...

grats man. xD the ice cream sure looks good :/ from the way you ate it. haha.

shuwei said...

omfg hahaha im from singapore, just passing by :DDD also like cornettos a lot :DD ice creammmm!!!

Pork Chop said...

the other hamster: Hahaha yea lets do that again...the cashier will give us another shock looking face! haha ooh Good for Aaron, dint keep in touch with him and RM1 tho, only eugene....

Tolanic:Im sure u do want to have one.. hahah go buy, flip and win XD

MR. Awesome: excited seeing cornettos? :P

Wen: hahah thanks...i know you are one lucky lady too :D

Yi Ling: Shd taste it urself ;)

ShuWei: thanks for dropping by. hahah drop by more ya hehe :D

Joanne Chan said...


Congrats for being so lucky!! It's been quite long I didn't eat Cornetto.

And guess what, I did take part in those contests held by Cornetto in 2006 too. But I wasn't really active like you. I remember the date with Hannah T contest!!! And also the Wings of Lurve!!! OMG, couldn't believe I met the winner - U!!

Actually, during that time, I was surprised to see all these 'prizes'. And I was thinking - will they really take up fly up in the sky?? Now, I know it's real. lol :D I also saw there were a few groups who had a lot of points/ votes. Guess you were in those group. Haha...

Anyway, have more fun with Cornetto!! Win more ice-creams and treat me one, can?

Vinspire said...

U is celebrity blogger :P

So, now add me up in facebook will ya? (As I can't find you in fb -__-')

It was great meeting you at zoe's place yesterday ;)

Pork Chop said...

Hi Joanne: It's great to know that u are aware of the contests back in 2006. hahaha... they did give us what they promised in the package. I still cant forget the fun part of getting so many ice creams and the bidding is certainly an adrenaline rush.

Win treat u ice-creams if i win anything the next time *fingercross* haha nice meeting u joanne :D

Vinspire: I think u already found me in fb haha, nice meeting u too...cheers

roger said...

Nooooooo~ I want aiskrim too!!


Anonymous said...

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