Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I Need Help This Valentine!

I need your help for this valentine. You see, my boyfriend joined a contest on Toblerone's site.

Okay straight to the point. I need your vote to actually get my valentine's gift! :D

So please log on to Toblerone's Gallery
and spot for Piggy Woo...
every vote counts.

If he ever wins this contest, these are the exact gifts that im getting for my valentine worth RM1800

Yes Im desperate, So What???

Pleaseee vote for "Piggy Woo"=Give me a valentine's present!


kennhyn said...

I vote for u, but when win liao must buy me beer... haha

vialentino said...

hey...nice to meet u in innit...clicked on ur nuff ads - castrol...good night to u...

Yi Ling said...

haha. hope you win =)

KY said...

i want someeee, feed me!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

i am craving for toblerone~

YvErNxZ said...

wow. what are the gifts??

Pork Chop said...

kennyhn: if i win, no prob! and if i ever win, i surely scream in my blog! LOL :P

Vialentino: hahaha thanks for donating to pathetic porkchop! haha

Yi Ling: *fingercross*

KY: can, but ur gf might kill me so i better eat all by myself! mmmm yummmyyy :P

nyway KY dropped by my blog, fuiyooooh *glamorous-nya* =='''

irvine:go get one and join the contest, closing date is on the 12th

Yvernxz: If im one of the grand prize winners...These are the stuff that im getting
1.makeup set 2.camera 3.lil indiana jones probably a lego 4.necklace 5. tous pendent 6. bangle 7. bag and of course 8. toblerone

Shilka said...

Voted, hope it helps ^^

Pork Chop said...

Shilka: Thank You

little announcement: For those who voted for piggy woo...THank you so much. The contest is over. Results is on this coming sat, 14th Feb... wish me luck...:S *fingercross*