Friday, 11 July 2008

My New Baby!

went shopping yesterday... caught! :P
And what's this?

My new baby, Motorola U9 :D and its purple wakakaka

Wait i have reason for buying a new phone, my old phone (not mine actually, my brother's) battery is weak that i have to charge every alternate days even though i don't use the phone.

Hmmm... Probably because of the incident; bottle of water leak in my bag with my brother's phone in it. (my brother so gonna kill me :S)

But did what i could do:
step one--->turn off the phone, step two--->take out battery --> step three--> dry for two days.

Ok back to the phone, i think its quite a cool phone, very stylish. Impressed by its touch screen, quite user-friendly however the smooth surface is easy to get scratches and finger prints. I don't care about finger prints coz its removable but not one scratches! Have to be extra careful!

FAQ: Why purple?
Answer: Hmm, the shop only selling either purple or pink. (no stock for Black) purple look nicer to me ermm... maybe also because i'm craving for purple stuff recently?! hehehe

for example: my famous purple boots!


Ivan said...

Purple looks sleeker, stylish and better. A good choice (10/10) haha!
Enjoy the new toy

Johnny Ong said...

hmmmmm if back in m'sia u surely shop like mad. looks like u hav just started blogging?

Pork Chop said...

i took the motorola u9 personality test thingie and the result said i should go for pink but i still like purple! :S

yeah sure, just $$$ stop me from shopping like mad! :P and yeap just started blogging! GReat adventure :D

Jenn said...

YES YES!!! I witnessed the throughout the whole process and showed her where to get the "bluetooth" session!!! LOL :D

Pork Chop said...

hahaha make me sound stupid haha

Anonymous said... happy to knw that BARNEY get herself a new mobile~~wuhahahaa


Zoe said...

The touch screen not play play 1 i tell u ......

very 'fuiyo' and impress n cool until~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GENG ar!!!!!