Saturday, 19 July 2008

Jane's Bday and Japan Day!

1100pm 18th July 2008, me and my friend sneak out the door, grab some ingredients and ran one floor down to borrow ivan's kitchen. What are we trying to do?.....Pancakes for Jane's Bday! Its a surprise thing :D

A picture of us separating the egg york and egg whites
and this is the frying process

the result! Tadaaaa....looks yummy isnt it?
The initiative plan was all of us getting dressed up then go knock on Jane's door to surprise her. Hopping that she will come out in her robe hehe *evil*

Getting all dressed up
except the shoe

However, the initial plan fail. She was all dressed up as well :S

Jane in her new sarong dress holding all the presents
*p/s: look at her shoe! haha kiki lala

Next morning, i get to eat yummy bruschetta.

Ivan made for all of us :D

After lunch...once again, we went to change and prepare to go out

mirror is a must! hehe

today theme: cap day

And we are heading to..... The Japan Day at Mount Pleasant

Cute dolly

First thing we do in the fair was queuing up to try on yukata

Me waiting to be served

and the final look is this...

Of course, there are more going on in the fair including performanceThe miniature display of Japan old railway train

And something creepy and cool like this

and this

and this-deadly sharp sword

While the tiny me also amazed by the tall long bow


The fair wasnt big to be frank, but we spend long enough in it. After the fair, we took more crazy pictures

like looking away for no reason...

and a picture with superlambanana
Living here, spending everything in pound is very ..oUch OUCh OUCH!...We do not have a visa, we came in using student permit which do not allow us to work. Useless illegally! So how can we earn an extra penny?

Street Performance! hehe



*see ppl behind are amazed! :P
After all the dangerous move. We deserved dining out for a day :D

But sadly, this is the most horrible KFC i ever tasted in my life so far!

After camwhoring the whole day and having great fun, now its time to go back and face the reality! Tons of work waiting for me to do... so tata
C u again... soon :)


Zoe said...

Wat a wonderful weekend i would say~~~~~~ is a long long time we never been this cool and have this lots of fun~~~ wahaha!!!!! not to mention the day to wales~~~~ wat a wonderful week (and now 'jit doh' lots of work waiting for me)

thanks PPC for being the chef, hang out with us blah blah~~~~~ :P

luf u ~~~~~


Anonymous said...

Thanks PPC, ChiLing for the wonderful pancake feast and the idea of Strawberry Cheesecake for me; thanks Ivan for drawing me the card and the Bruschetta; thanks Rachel for ur lovely testi in frenster; thanks Airen (Zoe) for planning all of these for me and thanks Hong as well as Dodo for joining us the surprise party.
You guys really gave me a wonderful n unforgettable bday in Liverpool, UK~~I won forget it in the rest of my life, truly!!
Lastly, the point i wud like to emphasize here is, I WIL ALWAYS STAY PRETTY AND GORGEOUS~thanks..


Jing said...

Well, it was a well deserved off time, after all the uphill climbing we went through, but of course there is another hill to climb, so gambatte na!! ^^


lilShorty said...

gosh so long i din c ur blog,din chat din email!!!!miss u so much!!!ur hair long d!zoe thin d!chi ling sexy o in one of the pic...hehe..pancakes looks lovely,n ivan bruschetta!!!!!me likey bruschetta muchy much!!!!i want!!!!!hmm purple ur colour now..nice oso nice...congrats to ur sis ya...take care..muaks muaks hamster!!!!

SeeChin said...

thanks kalai :)
Happy bday Jane
did u gals get paid in the end for the street performance? probably the gwai-los just thought u gals are a bunch of weirdos.. :p

Pork Chop said...

i miss all of you...
Hair..still not long enough! hehe

They watch without paying :'(
next time ill try wearing rubbish bag costume and stand by the roadside.. hahaha *just joking...dont take it seriously! :P

ashley said...

wow~~u guys definitely have POTENTIAL in planning!! great job *salute*
i oso want it!!!huhu~~i noe i'm greedy..hehe..
seriously, zoe slim donw edi la..chiling leng lui + sexy jor..ivan stil de same...last but not least our Cpin..u oso pretty lots edi..keep it up ya..
dun too stress up on assignments + Thesis..rmb to release it o!

HugZz + MuacksSs frm ash

Jenn said...

wah.... zoe thinner ady.... :D She must be very happy hearing this!!! Thanks kalai and ash for paising me~~ but i think i've become bigger size... pretty+sexy? dont think so... but nyways... it was a wonderful weekend :) we had a great time together... having fun and laughing+craying!!! :D :D :D

Zoe said...

i mana ada thinner~~~~ ~.~
everything is illusion~~~

miss u guys ya!