Saturday, 26 July 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe

Here's a bday song for you. (even though its not made by me! but hope you like it)
Nyway, time to write more!:P bye ~
*p/s: no money to buy you extra present so...this post is the extra present :S

Happy Bday! Muaks :x (pls scroll down to see more excitement!)

Hunting for you present!
Actress: Chi Ling
Narrator: Jane

Wishes from the others:

Dear Zoe,



To Zoe,

恭喜发财。。。。生日快乐。。。福如东海,寿比南山。心想事成,happy birthday


Wen tai tai, happy bird-ful-day la. Although you're auntie hor, but you're da pricess of the day la, so most pretty is you de la! Viii~vitt~ Sui oo Wen Tai Tai! hehehe.. muarckk love ya Zoe, happy birthday!! Luv, Rachel.

Happy Hari Jadi... Cherish this once a year enjoyment!


My Dearest Airen

wish u all the best in ur study n get marry as soon as possible with Woon Siong Hock..wuahaha...
~Jane (PPC: "Woon Siong Hock! you are dead. Your wife got another wife :P)

Dear tong xue.... happy birthday oh~~~ xoxo
one day tong xue, forever tong xue :)
and..... I LUP YOU~~~
~ur tong xue, chi ling (Jenn, ling ling, apa lagi???) ~


Zoe said...

Sob~~~~ thx everyone~~~ sob sob sob sob sob~~~

halo ni hao ma~~~~ zhong xin gan xie~~~~~ zhen zhong zai jian~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.^

1 of my bday wish is every1 that love me will have very smooth life :)

so i know u guys love me~~~~

so everyone will be smooth and hapi~~~~~



Rachel said...

hor means v all hv to love u forever for smooth life la? hehehe love ya bday gal, muarck muarck muarck!

SeeChin said...

happy belated bday zoe :)