Friday, 1 August 2008

Being small

My friend rachel got so excited and planning to on a backpacking trip right after we finish our course. What u need for backpacking? of course a backpack! She got a big one for ₤40 and it says 70 litre= 70 kg capacity!!!

70kg is a lot! we wonder if its true ('?') so...we did a small experiment.
Subject in the bag: PPC (But im not 70 kg la shd be around (38kg-40kg)..hmm shouldn't have reveal my weight...)
Person who carry the bag: Miss Muscular aka Zoe

getting into the bag

adjusting myself in the bag

waiting to be carried

Tadaaa.. yeah..

Yeeehaaa.. i'm standing in the bag
(ps :cannot sit in the bag, im not that small after all! hehe)

what the owner got to say about her baby backpack???

Being small is fun in a way...friends just love to carry me for fun!

The Girls Power

Ivan power :P

'carrying' crazy video
first move: swan lake
second move: "salsa"

That's all for now :D Muacks


Zoe said...

I Am so STRONG ler wui!!!!! dun play play!!!!! =.=~~~~ geng ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha!!!!!!!

PPC, chi ling, Airen aka Jia Yan, Ivan is down!!!

my nx target~~~~
carry rachel!!! haha~~~~~


Rachel said...

pity my da bb.. sob~

Anonymous said...

hei hei.. dun forget me.. i also a strong lady... hahha!!but... my power.... jz limited...wuwuww~~~

zoe STRONGER than me...GENG!!!!PEI FU PEI FU...nx time i wanna BAI SHI with her liao... haahh!!

Anonymous said...

sry,, tat 1 is me.. DODO...

SeeChin said...

give u 7 years time, no one will be able to carry u.. hehe..

Piek Leng said...

wao, zoe really STRONG!! @.@
Dont mess with my lau gong!haha

ashley said...

my dear lk really "strong" huh...but i'm pretty sure u r not able to carry me since i'm dun hv cpin's weight...wuuuuu...sob sob :(