Saturday, 23 August 2008

Social Trips :North Wales and Lake District

First of all, i would like to apologize for not updating my blog for some time. I've been working very hard the past weeks. Can't believe it, next week will be the last week of the summer semester programme which means ....i'm graduating :D

Okay here are some uni trips picture...

1st trip: North Wales

It takes about 2 hours to North Wales from Liverpool. The bus is so uncomfortable and so boring but luckily, my personal hairdresser came along too hehe

We got con by our lecturer... He said we are going to pay a visit in some castle, but ...not! First stop we have some nice view of old bricks buildings and churches.

Russian doll

me pretending to sell bread

This is what we do when we see big green field. hehe
Yeahhh.. im the highest jumper :)

The stack up bricks wall damaged by the girls! hehe:P

Second stop we went to nice beach site...the view is fantastic!

Beautiful seaview

unfortunately my tummy was upset that day! here's a picture of me in pain!
the wind is so strong.. make my stomach worst!

but i feel better after that...
A memorial... sob sob

My fav lavender
Pretty seagull...
and it shit on my jacket's sleeve :S
hope it brings good luck

Second trip to lake district... England's most attractive National Park featuring mountains lakes and forests. Love the nature but i would said this place is too touristy everything is soooo expensive.

Natural it

This dog just went for a swim! i'm surprise the dogs here love water.

see where i'm pointing! that's the best part...

the waterfall...miss playing water
must go swimming when i'm back in m'sia but the hot weather might stop me from getting out the house.

This is a picture after picnicking...

Kirkstone's water
Rumor (ivan) said this water will guarantee a first class after drinking but i dint not drink! hehe
End up, having rash all over for 3weeks
Then we have of course the gigantic lake!

Can afford to go on a ferry? well at least a picture from far will do :S

As i already said earlier...everything is too expensive, ferry ride (Expensive), kayaking (Expensive), Train ride (Expensive), Motor Museum (Expensive)...etc

So we just sat around to enjoy the natural view

Somehow like this a masterpiece! hehe

Wishing well
I wished for...not suppose to say it out isnt it? hehe

Clean it poop!

hmm but how about this?
Cow's drop

This is the closest distance with the cows.
Woo...big and scary
Fat cows
Ivan stepped on poop! hehe

Duckie.. so adorable :DThis is not a duck! Duhh....

Some preview of the museum

I forgotten how old is this weighting machine...easily 100 years old

This is a cool machine, it press penny into souvenir.

penny press... sound familiar?

video of the machine working...but it wasn't clear and it's kinda boring! hehhe :S
Every penny press will cost 5o pence... plus the penny will be 51 pence

The result

Well thats all for now...hope to get all of you updated asap!

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Anonymous said...

Hi See Pin, how's life there? Many nice pix! Must have had great times over there... Take care.