Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Emperor and The Tiger

The Emperor and The Tiger
Friday 1st August
It says: "costumed carnival dancers, drummers and fireworks will come together to form a large Rio style carnival parade to the streets of Liverpool on the Saturday night."

Sound nice isn't it?

So i convinced all my friends to go together... it takes 45mins to get to the event place.

A picture of us...
im so excited and started running towards the crowd...thats why im the furthest

Starting, they have a bunch of kids riding "horses"

Then the emperor, came out to welcome the people.
he laughed like Santa!

And this is the "Stage"
pathetic me, too short to see anything...have to relay on my camera screen :(

as promised: the dancers


The tiger

Tiger and the wise man

The wise man trying to talk through the evil emperor.

Part of the dialogue was
The emperor : Wooooo.......please dont eat me! i'm so scared :S
so lame

The end of the show...hmmm pretty sure they did not promise this!

On our way out... this lady approached me and gave me a leaflet and told me its for "KIDS"!
In my head, i was thinking..should i tell her or should i not tell her im NOT a KID?
While im thinking, i gave her this blank look! Then, She explained to me that there are lots of exciting activities that i might like to join...then i decided not to tell her im not a kid, instead i told her i will have a look at it! :S

We took 45 mins to get there but we spend double the time going back, plainly because we were camwhoring again! lol :P

On the way back, ive captured

The night views

Me myself
>looking a little fat from this angle!
My sis dream come true but its still an illustion! Wakakaka

Me being dumbbell!Formation of...ermm...can u see what it is?
Answer: upside down heart! haha :P
Last we have
and also
Upside down version of superlambbanana

Okay overall about the event. Storyline = very lame, the only good was the fireworks!


Ivan said...

agreed, the only thing that exploded (no pun intended) was the fireworks. I just updated north wales haha, very outdated XD. The emperor was really lame... ^^;

Zoe said...

yea lar....
lame until...
tax tax tax.......
wat also tax.....
boobs got tax ar??????

as wat ji ayan say....
they can actually gather all ppl n juz put fireworks.....
de storyline did not help~~~


but camwhoring was fun~~~