Friday, 29 August 2008


I should be throwing all my notes and books at this very moment! Finishing this particular exam is also equivalent to completing the summer semester programme. 3 months just flew's been a great stressful adventure hehe

Besides announcing the 'end' of torture, the main purpose of this posting is to thank everyone that had helped me through

1. Parents (of course)
Dad and mum sponsored my studies, living expenses here and etc etc etc... acknowledging that a lot of people are facing financial problem, i am very very very lucky that i have no worries in this matter. Let me clarify this, my family is not parents work very hard and save every penny for us! ~touching~ sob sob :x muaks

2. Sibling (line-up according to age)
Brother: hmmm ur contributions? ur bagpack, handphone (now retired), erm dont remember what else...besides bullying me and kicking my arse!:P

Sister no.1: thanks for planing the trip, i know its all hardwork, i'm looking forward to it and im sure we will have a blast. erm also thank you for talking to me and comforting me when im depressed...also for being a close friend to me.

Sister no.2: very concerning on little stuff ; i.e. finding me luggage and always being there for me if i ever need any help. Even though sometimes is overreacting but i appreciate that haha

3. Extended Family
Sister no.1's hubby: Thanks for lending me your gigantic luggage and letting me tease all the time! hehe and for missing me too :D

Sister no.2's hubby: Thanks for the ang pao and all the free meals.

4. Bf
erm...ill tell u personally

5. Friends
When i was really down, you gals/guys were very nice to me...
Special thanks to (in no particular order):
-Ah hong
-Johnson aka "dad"
-Ah Jun
ermm... just too many that i might left out someone... im sorry...but generally to everyone that had help me through my study (giving advice, having group discussion, lecturing etc etc), comforting me when im fell down from a 'cliff', entertaining Me and even just being a friend to me! I will cherish every happy moment that we have together :D

Sweets from zoe and johnson

mooncake piglet adorable
thanks jane

A collection of best friends
thank all of you, really sweet!

Tinkerbell earring from jane

5. Lecturers
-Lecturers from tarc
-Lecturers from ljmu
very helpful...i respect your good tolerance in teaching

Class picture with our seminar tutor, Rhia

Seminar tutor also my thesis supervisor
Truly an Upton
Mass Communication Students
6 seminar tutor + a programme supervisor

Fun time together...
Alan (First from the left) was happening :D
Iqbal (Last from the left) wasn't :P

Tonight we are also having our year end ball (so will get busy putting on make up and blah blah blah) and its officially holidays time!

Notice: PPC will be on vacation for three weeks...there will be no internet connection. But there will still be several posting of my life in liverpool each week. Cheers, see you soon :)

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