Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I am Sad!

My results are not up to my aim/expectation! Today yet another assignment had failed me or rather I failed the assignment???! Some people may be wondering why am I still upset even though the mark wasn’t that bad…after all it’s still a second upper class result. But it’s just not my aim/expectation!

Did I put in effort? YES

Sufficient time spend? YES

Any extra readings? YES

Was it a Last minute work? NO

But others still score better when their Effort?: erm…so so, time spend?: very little, extra readings?: probably, okay. last minute work?: Definitely. I know I shouldn’t compare myself with the others; it makes me angry and sad… Having them around make me questioned myself more! The million dollar question: “Am I really that stupid?”

Even though my average marks is not far from first class (yes, classes might not be important in the working world but im hopping to do my best!). But I felt its just so near yet so far!
I’m not putting much hope on it, not to say im giving up but I don’t want to experience another fall without a parachute!

Oh yea, my level of depression is 68% based on http://www.blogthings.com/areyoudepressedquiz/

*not as serious as mr. ivan hoho!:P


ashley said...


it doesn't matter k!
S long S u try ur best..
i noe is kinda hard to face it..but try to b optimistic ya..

nvr gv up!!put as much effort as u can ma ok lo...u r study 4 urself not others ma...chill ya :D

Hug Hug + Kiss Kiss frm ash ^^

SeeChin said...

well, we all know you did your best.. so, don't worry :) your family and friends stand by your side regardless.. :)

Zoe said...

well u know.. sometimes de effort we put in n de result we finally get... is always not quavalent....... n remember~~~ not to compare.... :) die 10 yrs ago edi~~~~~~ :)


u might lost de world but u win everything ~~~~~~
compare to other win de world but have nothing~~~~~


zoe~~~~ :)

Rachel said...

i know the feeling as well, juz b optimistic le. Don compare don expect, do the best and get ur result proudly! muarck muarck love ya!


Anonymous said...

My dearie princess,

I knw ur feeling deeply as i experienced the same thing before...I dun know how to console you this time...but i do know ur effort on every assignment!!!n i know u won giv up!!m i right?hahah...
cheers my dear~~~you are my first class always...