Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank Day in Liverpool = Noise

Ivan bday was a blast! Everyone went KooKooo! hehe how we celebrate?
First we have designed a mini treasure hunt cum amazing race where we made him run the whole building, from 10th floor to first floor and even opposite the building.

Second, after discovering the present, we had sausage feast and some drinks.

Third, we played true or dare but eliminating whoever unlucky will get their dare task. Due to the wild situation, no cameras were allowed! one of the dare was asking me to finished up the cookies.. well that might look easy but i was super full already.

god knows what im doing...hehe not drunk, just wondering how the card game work!

Fourth, we slept in the kitchen! Its truly once in a lifetime experience... i going to miss our time together.

After all the fun, back to reality! it's time for work...but....just when i want to start working, i realize liverpool bank holiday is also equivalent to noise day. Few stage were set up at different location, one directly down where im staying... so whole day live band which is really noisy especially when you don't know their songs. can't denied theres are some good bits though but my point is...what a bad timing!

Crazy crowds- captured from my window

My friend claimed that her performance is better than the live band! hehe :P

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Jenn said...

I looked totally ugly in that vid lar~~~~ but entertaining, didnt I? :P