Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mass Comm: 14 assignmesnts + thesis + exam BUT School of technology: project I lOVE U + exam!

No time no time... Okay, I understand that i just can't use this reason; its unacceptable!


(look at all those highlighted in RED...Those are all my assignments deadlines. There are more meetings and discussion that i havent include in the calendar!)

Cramming a supposingly 6 months course into 3months summer programme is BAD...everyweek there is at least one deadline but i will try my best to manage my time. As i mentioned in the title, i got to complete 14 assignments, a thesis and also one exam.

My everyday live is: go uni, go buy groceries, think of what to cook so i wont die of hunger, do readings, and do my assignments. While school of technology probably already travel a lot of places, i have been anywhere yet! I felt like im trap in a fake city surrounded by my uni buildings (like Jim Carrey in truman show).

I literally sleep with my books every night. ( i just read and sleep without offing light most the of time)

While im feeling so stress and intense, struggling to grasp an idea for my thesis, this feller was doing his project too... I called it project I LOVE U!

He went every floor, to ask people to corporate with him so he can confess his love to a girl!'s a picture of a heart
*hint hint* if someone special do this for me ill be very happy too!

Oh well, my point is, why is mass communication course that always being accused as honeymoon course but the schedule pack like hell, school of technology (the future engineers) are so relax and have time for project I LOVE U???

Please bear with me and please understand (especially after looking at my puppy face!;P) if you dont see me posting for some time. But this is most unlikely to happen, because i falling in love with blogging!

I feeling much better now. Thank you! Muaks...XOXO


ashley said...

glad tat u feel much more better after update ya least it does helps u!!

rmb dun too stress ya...i'm sure u can handle it...same goes to they all...

Mz gambateh o!!i'm always support u here!!

*HugZzZz + MuackSsS*

<3 love <3
ash =)

syin said...

haha.. looks like u found a job oredi... full time blogging maybe? :p what say u make the 'hamster' run a bit? haha.. it's been sleeping for more than a year liao ..:p

Pork Chop said...

full time blogging? im not famous! u wanna pay for my living expenses? :P