Saturday, 14 June 2008

My black hair is BACK!

I want to tell you how much i miss my black hair and why i am so happy to have my black hair back!

During CNY, me and my bro got a pack of Gatsby hair dye for RM 9.90! I haven't dye my hair before, so decided to give it a try. So i let my bro dye my hair or should I say I trusted my brother too much?! haha :P

Oh well, this is a picture of my 3D hair colour (according to my brother!-seriously, its horrible, the colour is very patchy)

I constantly complaint about my hair colour until my friend, Zoe offered to help me dye my hair back to black. Trusted my friend because her mom owns a hair saloon and she worked there park time before. Here is the packaging i got for £1.49- dermalogics 01 BLACK! (YES)

My hairstylist Zoe
(posing like a professional...haha)

in the process
waiting process
(helping Wilkinson to advertise!)

Tadaaaaaaa....Super black hair!
No more patchy colour muahahahaha

*Sorry Bro* hehe ;)


Zoe said...

You are most welcome~~~
Got Zoe~~~~ no Patchy~~~~


Anonymous said...

Good job Zoe ... you've got a job already when you come back to KL! Cheers - Ai Wen's mum

syin said...

aiyoooooo... no more 3D color oredi!!!

lilShorty said...

zoe do my hair oso!!!!hehehe...

lilShorty said...

forgot...ur advertising for the product terbalik la...after they sue u...hehehehhee ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha..u were using Wilkinson's plastic bag...wuhaaha..Zoe...u did great job~~Dearest Jane

Pork Chop said...

Good enough to advertise for them, terbalik terbalik la..hahaha they havent pay me for loyalty fees still wanna sue me? haha:P