Friday, 20 June 2008

I wont die of hunger!

This post is specially created to let people who loves me and people i love know that i wont die of hunger in Liverpool. Of course, to make things more convincing, here are some pictures

1st picture caption: Shelf in my room, half of the space on the bottom layer i used to store junks! Okay eating junks is not good for health, but this for munching only!
2nd picture caption: The beginning stage of my storage, there's more stuff now.

3rd picture caption: Now this is the actual food! (Of course not everything is mine)
Back home, my dad always cut fresh fruits and arrange them nicely for us, emphasizing fruits is GOOD for health! so how can i neglect that, huh?

3rd picture caption: These are the fruits i crave for here...
I especially love cherry! :D so sweet and nice

Now you see? i wont die of hunger, so please don't worry! As long as i got sufficient £££, i can survive! :P

My mom is the number 1 chef and I miss mommy's cooking very much!


Zoe said...

Good example!!!! excellent!!!!
you support your work with evidence and extra readings. 1st class!

i miss aunty punya curry puff too


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

i support wat Zoe said, good structure and conclusion! 1st class 1st class!

lilShorty said...

i agree...ur mom cooking yummy yummy yummy!!!!! n i agree wif the rest, guarantee 1st class la u so rajin...keep up the good work ya...wish i can come wif pom pom cheer for u!!!!miss u hamster...muaks muaks

Pork Chop said...

ohh, dont mention about 1st class! dont have good feelings about it!
:( yes my mommy cooking is CHUN! :D