Sunday, 1 June 2008

First day in Liverpool

I flew approximately 6604miles (so farrrrrrrrr...) to further my studies in Liverpool John Moores University (ljmu). I believe most people have already heard of the summer programme; partnership between Tarc and ljmu.

Upon reaching Manchester airport, the uni bus was already waiting for us at the airport. It was cold, 13'c when i arrived. When the wind started blowing, it got WORST! Oh did i tell you that the officers working in Manchester airport are very strict. They will ask you a lot of questions (any random questions they can think off) to make sure your purpose of stepping into the country, make sure your have enough money to survive there, make sure you don't stay there and work illegally. He even asked me what is my dad occupation because I told him my parents is paying for my education in UK.

I live in Marybone Student Village...its a nice place where each of us get an individual room with own bathroom; except for the squeaky bed and super flat pillow.

After settling down, me and my friends went out for lunch and also to buy some groceries. Ljmu was kind enough to give us a voucher worth £ 3-5o for lunch, so we fully utilise the voucher because everything is just so EXPENSIVE if you convert back to RM.

My first lunch was this *Taadaaa...

These junk cost about RM23!!! Can you believe it?

Besides the fact that everything is expensive here (at least for me), i would say Liverpool is a place for sight-seeing. There are many historical buildings. All fantastic architecture!


St. Luke’s Church & etc etc etc.

At the end of the day, me and a friend shared 10”pizza which comes with fries, salad and drink for £3.90. Oh, finally found a good deal. :D


Lee said...

happy to read your blog! keep it up! - foochow

Piek Leng said...

Miss you le!
Hope everything is all right and everyone have money to survive!

Pork Chop said...

Cool, dad left me a msg! Yeeeeeeeeehaaa :D