Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Trip To Chester

Chester is one of the social trips organized by the uni. It wasn't so cold that day, the weather is just right (thank god...hallelujah)! What is good in Chester?

  1. The Scenery (historical buildings)
  2. Shopping (some of the brands including Zara, miss selfridge, Jane norman, mark & spencer, Disney...etc etc etc.)
  3. River Dee

Here are some of the pictures i took during the trip... hope you enjoy :D

First picture: Me :P

Some nice buildings pic

Another picture of ME

Roasted Pig... Poor piggy but it looks so crispy! haha

I call this the shopping street!

River Dee
(notice the color of the water? exactly the same as our Klang river. hehe)

And finally, of course the crazy housemates!

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SeeChin said...

told u i've got a nice camera for u.. it's the user's fault if the picture doesn't turn out well :p