Thursday, 12 June 2008

Is this the best time to study in Liverpool?

I don't think so! Okay, I'll tell you why...
First: its summer now...everyone is on holidays = no mood to study
Second: flying all the way to UK; having different cultures, different environment, everything different, i just feel like exploring every corners every spots i can! no mood to study
Third: Liverpool is having the European Capital of Culture 08! So many great events going on right now until the end of December (check out no mood to study

Now you understand why? haha :P Here are some pictures taken during the Lord Mayor's Parade (happen every year tho). The only one event i attended so far :) i bet there will be more Yaaaaaaaaaaahoooooo

Before the parade start, we already busy with our cameras! hehe
Thats the famous superlambbananas, located right opposite my hostel.

Starting of the parade...

Of course, you can't miss the marching
Haha, i particularly like this. He looks like the man in monopoly game!
Compare with this...
I think this is creepy...

AWwww...I love horses

especially the white one...pretty isn't it?

Of course, i dont like the huge and stinky


Men in skirts

Me and Carter

a group picture with the armies

She wore the "most" cloths throughout the parade!

and here's the friendly queen waving

Pretty "women" walking down the street... haha

Now superlambbananas comes in different colours.
great outfit and great dance

Elvis presley possing for us

This is a bunch of wild people sweeping off the shits..The END

Oh wait, I spotted a Kenari right after the parade!
*The End*


Piek Leng said...

Is my little cute kenari!
Same colour somemore..hehe
Miss ya!

Pork Chop said...

Oh no, ur car got stolen???
I dont see u in the car! hahaha
Miss you too :D