Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Santa's Rescue

Do you remember this horrible picture???

ooh well, i posted this picture in one of the earliest post, complaining about my skin condition. My acne problem started back in UK...pimples blooming like"peach trees in bloom'. Damn it! How much "more pork chop" can i be???

Luckily, ive always been a good gal :D Santa came to rescue by dropping me a complete set of Clearasil Stayclear to fight pimples away.

check this out!
my complete set of Clearasil Stayclear; triple action pimple fighting formula

The range consists of
1.Skin Perfecting Wash
2. Oil Free Gel Wash
3. The Deep Cleansing toner
4. Mattifying Moisturing Lotion
5. Pimple Treatment Gel

Skin Perfecting Wash and Oil Free Gel Wash help to deep cleans, removes all bacteria that causes pimples and prevents skin from over-drying (you know how pimples solution products alway make our skin extra-dry, clearasil is different!) While the Deep Cleansing Toner will remove oil and bacteria while tightening pores. Mattifying Moisturising Lotion will help the dry areas and mattifies shinny areas to fight pimples away. Last but not least is my favourite pimple treatment cream that penetrates deep into blocked pores to kill bacteria and dries up oil for up to 12HOURS!!! previously, those pimple creams i used only last for few hours, so i have to reapply every subsequent hours to see the results. People who are very forgetful like me should go for clearasil pimple treatment cream.

Oh yea, not to worry about the price, it is very affordable. :D


Spectre said...

? i wonder it will work for for guys. XD any rate Merry Christmas n Happy new year pinkporkchop! XD

Pork Chop said...

im sure it will work for guys as well! hahah :D

Merry Xmas