Friday, 12 December 2008

Lulu the flying banana puppy

Just wanna share with you my new puppy Lulu. She is very funny at times...but she still loves to play 'bite' :S
ive been teaching her four tricks
1. "chor zi" (sit down in Cantonese)
2. "deng" (wait)
3. hand
4. roll

1. "chor zi": very hard to get her to sit unless you have food in your hand
2. "deng": hmm performance still okay
3. hand: until now, i don't think she understand. If she ever gives u her paw, her mouth will come together for a friendly bite.
4. roll: big failure!

She is so active that i can hardly get her sit down quietly. The only way to get her to be quiet is this (watch the video below)

make her fly; make her 'happy' :D haha
only my bro can do that, too heavy for me! haha

and now, guess what she is eating?-?

she seems to love it a lot! hahaha

a pic of giorgio armani and lulu

arghh, cant get them to look@the camera!


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

pity lulu :(

i think she is scare~~~

blueyfetes said...

so charm lar!!!

syin said...

lulu actually enjoys it now!