Friday, 19 December 2008

Kakiis Night Out

Last saturday, i attended Kakiis Night together with lil shorty and ashley @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound.

Its cool, because we get to check out MOS for FREE! except we werent serve with Liquor! haha

On that day itself, we were quite excited. We brainstorm on what to wear on the day and even the day before. Ashley brought all her whole wardrobe including a box of accessories, hair straightener and hair curler...

check this out! Ash's mobile wardrobe
I was very excited to play with her hair curler, hehe and three of us did with the help from Alice... By the time we finished our hairdo is already 6.20pm and the event start 5.30pm :S hahaha We reached there at 7.30pm....thank goodness we still manage to register ourselves in.

We were planning to say we came all the way from penang if the registration counter is close. HAHA

As we stepped into MOS, opppppssss.... we are wearing the wrong outfit! damn it

this is what we wore on that day

We were wearing dresses, so some of the games is not friendly to us at all (should go for jeans)... Anyway, we were so late that we only managed to play 3games.

lil shorty and pink pork chop
"i felt like a bimbo without her look"

me and ashley

the crowd.

The MC announced the winners right before the event. So many cool prizes, but we did not manage to get any :(

Nyway, I spotted Us in the picture from the others

shite, forgotten from where... hehe

As we were so late for the event, we miss out all the delicious looking food :(
We only had our dinner at friendster cafe later...

Having dinner at friendster cafe

mam mam
Thats all for now...

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