Saturday, 20 December 2008

Lipton: Can You Play the Corporate Game?

Recently i got caught up by Lipton site ...I thought it was really cool and i am gong to share.

First, i was caught by the creative website design. People nowadays are just so damn creative, giving me so much pressure to live and compete for the top, and play corporate game!!! Nyway, the site just reminds me of the snakes and ladders board game. I used to love play that game when i haven't yet to discover my Ophidiophobia!

how nice if they change those disgusting snakes into these cute different class (i.e. boss) ppl.
i like how they illustrate the working world.
there are seven different levels.

This level gave me same knowledge on lipton tea. I didn't know a cup of lipton will help to achieve hirameki; a moment of clarity which makes us think better.
As some of you knew that i just started working about one and 1/2months ago, i think these tips are really helpful to put a "spark" in my career. of my fav part!

Out of the three games, this is my fav.
Whack Work! muahhahaa, you are suppose use the hammer to whack the work when your boss is not looking which is sooo sooo logic. Can't do this in front of boss hehe
and drinking Lipton will give you 5 boss-free second. Woooohooooo

Oh wait, i havent tell you the important part of the site.
You will stand a chance to win a laptop, digital camera and many other exciting prizes! double WOoohooooo

just buy a pack a Lipton Tea Bag. Complete the contest form, attach a Lipton Tea Bag barcode and submit the contest form. Easy Peasy

*ps: better hurry up, contest until end of this month!